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  • therightstuffer therightstuffer Jun 20, 2011 8:23 PM Flag


    Ivr recently cut its div from $1.00 to $.97. The stock ran up for a few days until reality set in....omg,the div was cut!!

    then the street hammered the price. Look for the same thing to happen with cim.

    the div was cut! The div was cut!

    what is wrong with you fools?

    when a company misses its earnings by even one penny the stock gets smashed to pieces in the market.

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    • Yeah, what's wrong with people. Stocks are always supposed to fall after you short them. It's a law or something.

    • HAHAHA. Relax don't get mad. Were the hay have you been ,this stock has already been smashed to pieces on anticipation of something worst than a .01 cut, like a possible 50-100% reduction .Your theory stinks.

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      • I would say the stock is down more because of the economy than the dividend. The dividend is probably too high still.

        The problem is that this is a vulture fund, designed to invest in the RMBS at the bottom. If they are invested, and the current signs are that the bottom is still ahead, then there are predictions.

        I would think that they would continue to sell stock, in order to average down on their RMBS portfolio. The NAV of that portfolio also would decline in a slowing housing market. And a slowing housing market also reduces earnings, and consequently the dividend.

        Your are sort of saying: THIS cut is not so bad. The problem is not this exact moment. It is what is the housing market future, and what is the future for the CIM portfolio of real estate investments?

        I was not staying away from CIM because of a fear of this dividend cut. It is deeper than that. They may have strategies to deal with the current investment portfolio and future investments, to handle continued weakness in the real estate marklet. And when the market finally turns up, they will be a valuable stock for investing in that.

        JMO, but it isn't this exact moment and this exact dividend cut that were making the stock price drop. It is a more deep malaise.

      • 0.01 cut yes, but compare

        0.13 * 4 (0.52) at $3.60/share = 14.4% Div

        and 0.14 *4 (0.56) at $4.00/share = 14% Div


    • Yes and amazingly the price is going much higher does not make sense or does it?


      you should read the article entitled is this a BUFFETT STOCK might provide some reasoning.
      Then again maybe not some people you just can't reach :)

      OMG I am glad I got in early while others ran to the hills.
      Using some of that Buffett ideaology.
      When people are scared get greedy
      when people are greedy get scared.

      Making any sense yet shorty??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      PS......This is being managed by the nice folks over at NLY wonder what they know about growing a company?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      But no maybe your right they missed divi by a penny .01 so lets just forget the whole thing right??????????????????????????????????????????

      Three words of advice Young Paduan Learner...

      ( Cover your ars........)

      its showing :)


    • your friggin nut


      We can't stand all caps posted by morons.

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