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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 28, 2011 6:51 PM Flag

    Bankruptcy possible?

    CIM going bankrupt with the pps dropping and dividend cuts are like clockwork.

    The HYBRID isn't working too well.

    The Chimera Virus huh! :)

    How are you guys handling the pain?

    How does it go? $0.18 to $0.17 to $0.14 to $0.13 and $0.11 now whats next ! $0.07? just saying.

    This is your award winning team huh? hahahaha! AWARD FOR WHAT making your portofolio bleed in this enviroment. JEEZ.

    Matthew Lambiase President, Chief Executive Officer, Director

    A. Alexandra Denahan Chief Financial Officer, Secretary

    William B. Dyer Head - Underwriting

    Christian J. Woschenko Head - Investments

    Paul Donlin Non-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board

    Jeremy Diamond Director

    Mark Abrams Independent Director

    Gerard Creagh Independent Director

    Paul A. Keenan Independent Director

    The team isn't doing too good is it for the year? Down 40% the yeild is 17% so your gaining one step and loosing 3 steps. Doesn't sound like a bunch of winners but more like a Corozine/Blankfein combination? just saying.

    I haven't investigated their SEC filings to how many shares they plan on offering or still left to offer @ what price? Anynone care to share the number, I am sure its not zero is it? Pray tell.

    Wouldn't you rather have a CEM, FEN, GLU?

    Invest with guys with TALENT? Give that a try?

    You know the ones that don't F their shareholders over. Lets face it this racket is crooked as it comes. Corozine missing $1.2B, Congress using insider trading, Maddoffs and Belkins oh yeah GS Blankfein we can go on forever.

    TRY THIS FOR CHANCE, INVEST IN TICKERS THAT PAY YOU A DIVIDEND WHICH RESULTS IN YOU HAVING MORE MONEY THEN YOU STARTED WITH FOR THE YEAR!! Your happy with loosing 40% and getting 18% loosing a total of 22%? While these shilo time their oct and nov dives and buys with their cronies? HMMMN. think about it.

    Notice who responds to this and how they respond and then check out the tickers and you tell me who the SCHILLS are on this board.

    If your a newbie and thinking about investing if you don't have one of these guys phone numbers odds are you going to get the royal shaft something tells me. Just saying.

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