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  • eldiviner eldiviner Mar 20, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    Housing!!! Yes housing

    Powered by Solar... The future is here.

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    • They said the same thing about electricity when my grandad was a kid,
      "Electricity will never replace the lantern and the automobile will never replace the horse and buggy and flying machines -HA!"

      Governments around the world are making a concerted attempts to invest in alternative energy sources on a larger scale. Historically we are in infancy but
      AE will be cheap and efficient in the future - but probably not in your lifetime.

    • Be reasonable, solar and wind for houses is a dream.

      "The problem lies in that they just aren't feasible. They are able to produce clean, green electricity but they do so with such a high price tag that it is extremely difficult to justify the cost. Solar power has extremely high setup costs and it could be decades before you start saving that money back thanks to a cheaper power bill. This is partly why solar power hasn't really spread beyond powering your water heater or street lights.

      The sheer cost and number of solar panels required to power an entire house, let alone a city, is anything but economical. Wind power runs into similar problems. Wind power requires enormous amounts of space and there is the problem of birds being hit by the turbines. Wind power also offers very little in terms of how much electricity it can create."

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      • I agree that solar has not been economically feasible. However, many are not aware that there has been a breakthrough in panel design technology. The panels can be preety much vertical (dramatically improves spatial foot print) and they perform well even on overcast days. This will alter the cost/benefit paradigm. In the short run this does not reach the tipping point. But once the newer battery technology (in the pipeline) adds into the equation; the combination may be enough.

    • You are probably correct in 20 to 30 years if the world does not have a major disaster. Electricity will be one of the major sources of energy.
      The problem today we have not found a great way to store it. This is why EC's are not good.

    • You're nuts, this crap will be blowing off edifices right and left, the Solendra plant is vacant,the Chinese are giving it away, there is no reason to put this junk on your home, none what so ever..........

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