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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 26, 2012 9:59 PM Flag

    Bankruptcy for CIM ?

    How long till they final figure out their system isn't working and bankruptcy is inevitable?

    tic toc

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    • the pps has taken a bump again...all the beating it was taking in the motley fool, barron's and seeking alpha...

      you should ask these websites to unplug their editors computers.

      is this all staged and who aside for a gambler thinks that CIM is an INVESTMENT?

      seriously, such a volatile investment certainly doesn't favor a ltr investor..this has basically become steal as much money at a pps the computer program will allow.

    • Yes the dividend is fantastic at 13%, great lets drop the pps to $1.50 and then the yield turnds to over 25% the longtime shareholders will tell you they won't be buying more shares at that low price even with a high yield. That should be your clue it is over and the bell has RUNG!!!

      don't let them kid you.

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      • Lets go further....

        Camer's The STREET has a buy on you trust that guy and his internet tsunami calls ? lol

        Jay Walk, 5 other words don't buy if your don't have to.

        RT ..out right SELL !

        Market Edge - AVOID!!

        Your being duped by the parent company they want to increase their revenue, how they want to pay less in fees to CIM, who suffers? the CIM investor or the FIDAC investor?

        the sponsors of this ticker have cleary mislead you and the perma bulls are too proud to admit if you haven't been on CIM since 2009-2010 and not using the DRIP your OK else your screwed.

        If your desperate to play the your money away..go for it..why don't you go back and do the DRIP and really give your money away quicker!

    • Please rember this a motgage portfolio. There is not a company to declare bankruptcy. You sell the portfolio. Happy New Year.

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      • a pps collapse is just as good as bankruptcy.

        The dividend is being cut again? this will be the fourth time?

        Did the insiders actually buy shares or did they just issue themselves shares out to make it look like they are buying shares.

        facts we do know or can extrapolate:

        management team will NOT be increasing the dividend (decrease after the 2Q13!!?!!?)

        management team had to take a 50% pay cut in fees in other words they can't maintain the dividend and they don't have the talent/resources to increase value/pps/manage spreads.

        you are getting a discount of 5% in reality vs. the 15% dividend, CIM is in a death spiral and there are too many other great companies with favorable cash flow schemes to put your money in.

        or you can stay and pray and i assure many if not all have abandoned the DRIP, please see prospectus for 09,10,11 and 12 and compare and post the results. I find many perma bulls on these boards how are a degree or two of separation from brokerage houses never present the real fact and where they can be easily found, if so..i challenge you to do so.

        Just like the ENTIRE CEF sector is full of pitfalls of Collusion and if you think they don't...repeat this..Senator..Governor..Corzine..$1.2B..$1.6B...Goldman Sachs...Lloyd Blankfein...muppets...LIBOR scandal...what a joke of a fine...on Quad Trillions of $$$......I can go on forever...the latest one is the PIMCO crews lack of action when their PHK fund was selling at a 77% premium....

        buyer beware...

        they call stealing your money a game!!

    • BK?... Are you serious? I am not saying there is no way but seems highly unlikely all things considered. What system isn't working? CIM has been one of my best investments to date. I would say they are more likely to be acquired then BK'd.

      Please elaborate on your prediction. Or is this merely some kind of unbacked and non-substantiated dumps???

    • Could you be specific with your prediction. I believe it's way over the line

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • management has clearly lost control.

        insiders wouldn't be buying the small amount of shares they have been recently only begun to purchase.

        now they are talking about buy outs, which will absolutely destroy any one who has been a long time shareholder using the DRIP, no matter how you slice it!

        This would be a buy from Goldman Sach and another ticker used as an instrument to steal your money, aka playing "the game".

        Buyer Beware, too many other fantastic TRUSTWORTHY and competent management teams out there to gamble on this team. These guys are just as bad as the Cornerstone men..CFP. yikes!

    • that's what i thought five years ago and i've collected 20 dividend checks since then and have another one coming in january. so i'm laughing all the way to the bank. ha-ha-ha!

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      • excellent. i love you guys you must work for Goldman Sachs or a writer for Seeking Crappola or Tom and David Gardners subscription bloggers?

        you bought it 5 years ago at $14 and even with dividends you would be hard pressed to be in the plus and defn. not in the plus if you can't reinvest.

        A company that doesn't merit the DRIP plan in your account is not a very good position to hold.

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