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  • yahutag yahutag Jan 15, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    NLY purchase of CIM

    NLY's business model is severely constrained if it doesn't enter the CMBS and non-Agency RMBS markets. Just as with CXS, NLY is almost forced to purchase CIM for one main reason; that is, it can't enter the non-Agency arena while CIM remains separate because it would be competing with itself. NLY would be chasing the same securities as CIM, and using the same research and people to do so, creating a conflict of interest. So either it buys CIM, or severs its relationship, which would create a new competitor. I expect the purchase offer to be made as soon as all financial reports are current.

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    • Are you dreaming, day-dreaming, or smoking something?

      Absolute zero chance of this happening. None whatsoever.


      Answer: CIM is in deep #$%$. NLY does not want another mess. Period

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      • Disregard anything tawny says. He is a nut-job and obviously off his medications. He has stated his mission is to keep people from trading because the bible states that wall street is the root of all evil and ran by Satan himself.

        Never does he provide any data, news or history just says the same things over and over.

        I find it a bit ironic that as such a deeply religious person he makes sure to put "#$%$" on every single post and constantly insults people. Probably one of the worst examples of a Christian I have ever run across!!!

      • looks likes the market thinks your stupid

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Actually, I think the reason there is zero chance of it happening is that there is no way NLY would be allowed to buy a company where they have such a huge information advantage about its value that the rest of the market does not have. The transaction would immediately be mired in lawsuits filed by CIM shareholders who, quite rightly, would say that NLY hasn't released required information about the value of CIM, so that their attempt to take over the company is hideously bad faith.

      • Ms. Tawny I hope your life is treating you better than these miserable posts you make, everyone have a nice day.

      • CIM is in many respects an alter ego of NLY. Whether it's purchased or not, NLY will be affected by a bad outcome at CIM.

        Since FIDAC is a subsidiary of NLY, if there's fraud simmering under the surface, it may be possible to pierce the corporate veil and directly sue NLY for damages.

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