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  • puda4everr puda4everr Aug 2, 2012 10:30 PM Flag

    mad ... if u have time

    This topic is deleted.
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    • His research and the information he provides is fine. It keeps this board going, it keeps Mad involved, he is not going to hang around to listen to my "jokes". If what P4 posts interests Mad then P4 is doing something right.

      The PUDA story has not played out completely, there is still another chapter. Things are not as simple as it may seem. It can be understood why one would "gamble" on this because the potential is explosive. He knows it was a gamble, it was never an "investment" for him.

      He has never "pumped" this either, matter of fact we run off "pumpers" but you can't say that about you and your crew. You are all for it over there but condemn any thought that contradicts your points of view. Waste valuable information because you're too worried about agendas. We are open to ALL solid points of view here, open to any discussion, positive or negative.

    • FYI, his research is really bad... Sure he can do a lot of Google searches, but not sure if you can call it good research if he put money into PUDA *after* it was discovered to be a fraud.

      Makes you wonder about his research capabilites...

    • Actually yes, he does an immense amount of research for us and has never tried to "fool" us with an alias. The reason you know these are his aliases, is because it's obvious. P4 cannot hide himself, he is always P4 no matter what alias he is using. Different story than what I was explaining, I also know that people use different aliases on different boards (most likely so they don't get followed around). I don't care about that, what I care about and don't like is simulated conversations.

    • You guys must love homestus, puda4everr, puda4ever, dpilo1899, libero8181, and his 14 other alias that he goes over to other messageboards to spew 50 messages of nothing but usless drivel.

    • I am the same way as you Mad, I can take a joke but have a tendency to take things to seriously also. Same thing, guys talking trash and I would get ticked off.

      Even on the Yahoo boards, same thing. I mean if a guy is trolling I will assault him but regular posters that attack me or another poster that I like tends to tick me off.

      I don't like the aliases thing. I did it, with one alias but it was for humor only and nothing more. I felt bad about it, while I was doing it, it just felt wrong to me. But to make aliases to fool people or to have "pretend" conversations to pump the stock or bash the stock, its just dirty. I don't like it nor would I ever do something like that. Even though I did my humor thing, I did have a rule and that was I would never interact with myself. He11, I am not even good at it, the only reason people didn't know who I was, was because I was using someone else's quotes and I refused to say anything but those quotes, otherwise I would have been caught immediately.
      "Stockslayer! We know it's you!"

    • It should not have taken that long....

      He's from here, not the LLEN board. So's daicheng or whoever....

      I recall about three years back we had one on the FEED board who did not even hide it. One of his handles was "TenFeedAliases".

      Now you know where I got the idea from. I always let it get to me..One of my personality traits.

      Back in my construction days, the guys always had to be careful when "talking trash" as we called it, around me. I had a tendency to take everything seriously.

      Still do.....not gonna change...

    • LOL, do what you gotta do.

      Well, it took him 11 minutes this time.

    • Nice recap, but they need to do something about their spelling....LOL

      I think we are once again beating our heads against the Chinese wall by bringing this stuff back up P-4.

      All the knowlege and understanding of the specifics of what happened will not fix any of it. These China stocks that have fallen, are dwarfed by the ones not yet caught with their pants down.

      The whole thing just peees me off.

      If Zhao can shove all this crud back into the bottle or the tube, like toothpaste, the SEC and investors in general will eventually forget all this, because that is what idiots do, and he can keep his listing, perhaps use another shell and buy Puda, changing the name and start out with a clean slate.

      On the other hand he may just let it all go, knowing full well we can't touch him. He won't be able to ever be on the letterhead of a US listed company, but that may not be in his plans.

      If we don't get some news within a couple weeks, then the trust will go for another year. I doubt the SEC will wait.

      I guess we will see as we wait, because we cannot do anything else. I doubt we could even sell this crud if we wanted to without driving the price to a penny.

      I suppose we could stay entertained by watching the LLEN people lose all their money, but somehow that really is not very entertaining. It only makes me pity them.

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