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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Aug 9, 2012 1:09 AM Flag

    A question ... re SEC penalties

    Wow, the loan is paid in full and he has all the assets back that he initially transferred. What his intentions are now is the question.

    Yes, I was not meaning for you to give me advice on if I should, just talking out loud. I know better than that with you and just like I would to another poster I would probably steer them away.

    I wouldnt do anything I couldnt afford, I have a decent sized stake in LEE and could sell a small portion to make this trade. I know its a bet, its a gamble and the chances of losing it are high. I also see it as a very good chance we have a positive outcome also especially considering the recent developments. These developments were what we wanted, what we had hoped for. If that would have been extended, I know it would have been over. The weeks ahead will be very interesting.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer Colonel Mad!

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    • No problem soldier....

      Now that we are on that subject, I think that Ming's military experience is a plus as well. Soldiers have a code that is ingrained in them all, and most keep it for life. It's a honor code of a sort, that makes you face adversity differently than others.

      In my experience, and even going back to WWII, I find that there are two general types of Chinese. Some are very honorable people. They will fight the good fight, take only what is theirs and when they cause collateral damage, they will at least try to make good on it in some way... Then there is the other kind, who talk of honor but don't really know what it is, will take anything not nailed down and will run when caught.

      I think Zhao is the first kind, and I think that is what we are sensing about him, but honorable men have their limits as to the abuse they will accept from critics or even governments.

      There is a big cultural difference between the US and Chinese. These differences are often taken by the Chinese as insults to their character and by us as obstinacy and stubbornness.

      This could all blow up because of these differences, or there could be long delays with no resolution for some time. I hope this is not the case because Zhao needs to keep these bridges open to get investment capital from foreign sources, and we need Foreign investments that can be trusted to not be fakes or frauds.

      It may well be wishful thinking, but I think all this can be fixed and that within a couple years, this entire matter can be put behind us and that investment can once again be a source of working capital for Zhao's businesses, as opposed to turning his company over to a trust and a bunch of bankers.

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