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  • umbisam umbisam Apr 9, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Madaniels, listen to me

    first .. .U&U are two individuals, based in two different countries .... joining forces, resources, contacts, brains, efforts, consultants, etc etc ....

    secondly .... I informed you 12hrs in advance re. Citic .... read Bloomberg now .... ok ... ?

    I hope you'll excuse yourself here or I will not talk to you one more time ... I am tired to waste my time informing and then convincing someone who has no clue whatsoever or does not want to have it .... in addition, who does not contribute to worldwide efforts against Ming Zhao but insult who does

    Ultimately, when you'll read the compalint, if ever, you'll see why KSE has been in our monitor during this timeframe .... and why we know every single detail about it .... you have a lot of confusion but that's ok .... you have dedicated to it 1 out of 1000 compared to us.

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    • Let me tell you something bud.....

      You two have been screwing around in China, making threats, insulting various people in KSE, Shanxi Puda Coal and now Citic. You think you are forcing them to act, and you have!!!

      They have covered up. Shut down websites....blogs
      They have hired consultants to counter the attacks on them.
      They have shoved aside any possible actions to repair pudas balance sheet or offer some sort of relief to puda shareholders because that is what Chinese and Americans do when put in a corner.

      You have, through your actions and they have been numerous from fake websites with tracking malware to anonymous e-mail veiled threats sent to various officers of the companies involved to include harassing phone calls to the same.

      Now as a result there are no company websites, there are no communications, any and all contacts with our courts are done in private...In fact there is and has been no public statement of any kind for 2 years and this can be explained and excused because of the things you and U have done.

      As far as I am concerned you are your own worst enemy and you are not letting up.

      The problem as I see it, is that you don't realize what you have done and you have hurt my chances to recover as well.

      When this is over, I suspect some people will be looking to sue YOU...and U.

      Don't you ever screw with me......I will bury you....

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      • Mad, you have a problem ...... you mix up everything .... reversing reality.

        In your mind, U&U are the fraudsters ... not Ming Zhao, Citic or Wizel .... I didn't miss you when you said you moved to stockhouse .... I never posted once there since it's wasted time to discuss with you.

        When we have realized MZ/Citic had left Puda's shareholders into a dark death valley, we have reacted. You did nothing.

        We have proved LPH and MZ/Puda's relationship. We have therefore brought LPH down to zero, with Geo's unexpected, final, support. U&U have contributed to KSE collapse, (well) after KSE walked away from the Shanxi Puda's deal, disclosing all their wrondoing and forcing Citic's reps into the board to resign. U&U have contributed to involve Citic as a defendant into a lawsuit.

        Apart from always saying that Wizel and Citic were victims, which speak in itself as to your brainstorm, you did contribute nothing to this war ....

        You should be happy now ... this is my last reply to you.

      • ah ah ah ah !! ... thank you ... you just recognized how Important U&U are ... ... ...

        Basically you are saying that U&U affected MZ lifestyle for the worse! ... Well ... We are glad of that!

        Remember ... when we started ... MZ had already abandoned Puda Ince since at least 8 months. You probably do not know that .... since you are not in the loop ... buy since the forged CITIC letter was exposed ... even Officers at Puda were not able to communicate with MZ! ... ... Puda Coal Inc counsel in the CA ... did not even get paid .... and she said she had not spoken with MZ in months!

    • Posted the Bloomberg piece on stockhouse over a hour and 20 minutes ago..

      Frankly, I don't care who you are...You are wasting everyone's time on these boards with a lot of speculative prattle, and I suspect stock manipulation from at least one of you. You attack me constantly for thing I did not say. You don't read what I did say and you don't understand it either.

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