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  • couchhomerules couchhomerules Aug 10, 2010 9:33 AM Flag

    Aug. 3: 36 Posts, $3,000 Of Shares Traded.

    Recognize this post? "Love these stinky ID's that post republican rants on the HL board. stinky, you ever play that hail to the chief on your banjo?"

    You my friend are the complete useful idiot sheeple to the ruling elite I suspected you were.
    There is no REAL R or D it is an exclusive club that is used to manipulate dummies like you who also probably believe that Bush 1; Clinton GW Bush; or Obama are any different.

    Maybe you should start learning how to play the banjo....Your fingerpicking sucks (you always seem to hit your nostril instead of the string). I guess it's force of Habit.

    Maybe you should educate yourself to who your master really IS....

    Watch and Learn if you have the intelligence: