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  • skiidady skiidady Dec 15, 2010 1:10 PM Flag

    Summer's Eve shipment sent to Maestro's posse

    No gratitude Maesty???

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    • Hey Loser Boy, what is happening, my poverty stricken friend? I think what you fail to realize, is that this roll of the dice on Trey is not make or break for Maesty and me. I'm at my timeshare in early January in Puerto Vallarta, followed by Beaches at Turks and Caicos Spring Break party of 6. That trip costs just about what I am losing here in TYRIA. It's really nice to be able to leave the winter weather and hang out in paradise. You unfortunatley will be tied to your cardboard box looking for hand outs.

      Is this thanks enough?

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      • Nice you can afford such a nice trip. I hope that you and your family have a great time.

        It is too bad, however, that you're so insecure that you have to constantly brag about how well-off you are, and it's rather sad how you attempt to use that as a way of gaining respect from people on a Yahoo message board.

        What happened to you? Did Dad tell you one too many times how you would never amount to anything?

        Get over it. You've made a success of yourself, and while that's something to be proud of, it does you no favors to be constantly lording it over those of (perhaps) lesser means.

        Look, it doesn't matter to me that you can afford to lose your investment in tryia, if indeed that happens. Many people invest in speculative stocks with the assumption that they'll lose on many, but make enough on the winners to outweigh the losers.

        What has me posting slams against the likes of Maestro is that he tries to suck in the "newbies" who don't know the risks, and your continued defense of him makes me wonder sometimes if you're not cut from the same cloth.

      • Maesty, you seem a bit testy. Is it about that COIN thing being another travesty???