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  • drog98 drog98 Jul 8, 1999 6:02 PM Flag

    We are returning ...

    (this message is basically nothing, I just wanted
    to be #1300)

    Full force is when we hit the
    mid-8's. Although, I have to admit it was nice to see it
    touch 7 --- on no news.

    Perhaps earnings are
    stronger than expected? New contracts closed but not

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    • I can't understand what in the world you are
      talking about. Are you serious? Do you need help? Do you
      talk like that in real life? Please do not post
      anymore nonsense!!!! Unless you are prepared to talk
      about Ulti.

    • You know it wouldn't bother so much except this guy is on the Board of Directors.

    • number3_with_a_coke_supersize number3_with_a_coke_supersize Aug 11, 1999 2:40 AM Flag

      We can still get it. It can still be done. Hot
      apple pie with that? If we only had the knack for
      getting those sesame seeds out of our teeth. The only
      ones that matter are our friends, without our friends
      we are friendless. We need to be pampered in our own
      indulgances. It is an odor that only we can undertake. All of
      US are happy now. Good I say. The only rain left has
      no drops in it. The only snow has crystals in it. Do
      not partake in the breaking of the tides. I have seen
      it all from my window. The pretty moonlight, the
      nice stars that push the sun up to all of its glory.
      She loves me, I know she does. She loves me more than
      I can handle. She told me. I love another though. I
      have finished all of my schooling and it is time for
      me to teach the rest. We can regard US as the
      masters. I am a great master. I can win any loss. I am
      four steps ahead of everyone that is behind. Can you
      say that with any great deal of confidence? Please,
      take the puck off the ice, it isn't time to play
      sports now. We must regain our shadows from the light
      that dropped them to the groud. I see the webs they
      are full of flies. They salute me as I walk by to get
      my morning coffee. I hope you are feeling
      enlightened mr spider. I will not be your fly. Come see US.

    • You make no sense.

    • at 7 1/2...wish us all luck. Looks like a nice smallcap play here with nice upside potential once this market clears up

    • That's it folks.

    • Treat yourselves to a hefty scoop. Grab some with
      a full hand, and you still have the same amount as
      before. Empty your hand to grab some. Time is for all of
      US here. Do not waste time unless you don't have any
      to waste. When my associates understand me they will
      see the true color of myself. Yes, I do have a seat
      reserved on the panel. I do. I do. What good is the seat
      if I have to stand? I am standing. SHOUT PEOPLE!!!!
      SHOUT!!! Climb the highest dip in the valley and shout.
      Where am I going to put my seat? Does anyone have an
      answer? YES, we, US, we all will be rewarded with our
      punishment. Do not assume that I am smart, I am very stupid.
      After all, look at the people I am associating with. I
      will reveal myself, you will all know who I am. I am
      your brother. I am your father. I am your coach. I
      want the job. I want the job so much that I quit. I
      want my raise. I want to donate all of my money to
      charity. Do not pity me. No pity. Just feel sorry for me.
      I am gone for good.

      The Start

    • you are a few fries short of a happy meal. Don't litter this board again with this crap.



    • The whoremongers will be sent to the great highs
      of spacedom.I like the sun triangulating my course
      as I walk through the vallet of a shadow of a doubt.
      Take US. Take US. We are ready. I will hold on until
      you take US. Triumpant we will be. Oh yes. Triumphant
      we will be. Let the horns toot our glory. Let the
      others know we care. When we resist is when we are weak
      and when we fight we are here too. Like a bridge
      under calm waters.

      The End

    • Stocker, I am disappointed in you! It can't be.
      There was a time when I would read some of your posts
      to my wife and we would laugh together. We would
      often talk about you like you were a real person, even
      when the computer was turned off. "I wonder what
      Stockersalterego wrote on the board today" I thought you would be
      here alot longer than me. It will not be the same
      without you. Please, come back every once in a while and
      check on us. I just don't believe it. I wont. Why did
      you do it?
      Now? Now that things are looking up?
      You better buy it back soon. You will, I know you

      The only thing we could count on, consistantly, was
      your retorts to all the disfunctional posters on this
      board. I knew that I would not be wasting my time
      looking on this board, for I knew I would get a laugh at
      the very least.
      When I read arky's post, "you'll
      be back" and saw that it was in reply to you, I was
      in shock for a second. I know this sounds
      ridiculous, but it will take some time to get used to the
      idea of not having you around.

      Take care, good
      fella, you'll be missed.

      p.s. What
      board are you posting in now?

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