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  • gusowner gusowner Aug 4, 1999 8:13 AM Flag

    NIce news today with


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    • filet_o_fish_from_mickey_dees filet_o_fish_from_mickey_dees Aug 25, 1999 3:59 AM Flag

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    • filet_o_fish_from_mickey_dees filet_o_fish_from_mickey_dees Aug 25, 1999 3:41 AM Flag

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    • I just thought you were implying that the
      "shorts" were lining up now that it hit 8. What did you
      mean then when you wrote.."kiss your company

      The IPO price is approximately 10.08 per share. I
      disagree with your forecast, and I feel that a strong
      trend is developing. It appears that ULTI is on it's
      way to hitting it's number for Q3. That would mean it
      met or beat it's number 5 out of 6 quarters, and
      that's not all bad for a new issue.

      profitable. It's revenues should be about 65 million for the
      year and to have a 120 million cap, says it's
      undervalued. The resellers should start to kick in soon, like
      the Healthcare deals they got this quarter. The
      hosting business is there, stay tuned here. The Y2K
      dollars should free up by September. I'd say there is a
      good chance that this stock and stocks like it should
      do very well if not boom in the coming

      Now, if they would just get people who know what they
      are doing on the board, it would be great. I don't
      want this to sound double sided with my continued
      clamor for new BOD's, but now is the time to get these
      people in place for the next couple of years. If not, it
      will be a short hike and then a long

      One last thing, take some investment advice from YIF,
      ULTI is not the stock to Day Trade. Good luck to



    • Have to agree with your take. I'd also expect
      significant resistance at several points between here and 10
      (should we be so fortunate).

      However, I have to
      take it as a good sign that the shorts are coming
      back. Usually means activity on the stock when they
      start cluttering the board (don't get me wrong, I
      appreciate intelligent shorts).

      Barring bad news, I
      think this time the shorts may be making the wrong bet
      ... unless they play for smaller spreads. Still, he
      has a point in that the jump yesterday was on no news
      and was completely out of character. Maybe the normal
      MM was on vacation?

    • EOM

    • sell when its high now and buy it back below 7. You will be doing both of us a favor.

      thank you

    • I buy on an uptick and cover it when it goes low
      enough. What are you talking about? I'll wait til it goes
      under 7 and then Im covering. I play it safe this stock
      is propably going to 6 again soon. I don't wanna
      find out. What was the ipo price anyway?
      I hope
      everyone takes their profits it will help me good. There
      is no way this stock will go up any higher look at
      the charts there is no news out and it just climbed
      back to where it was a few months ago and now its
      dipping again.

    • This is a stock that has lost at least 70% of
      it's value at one time and is now down about 21%. It's
      been a short stock for 15 months why
      exagerate the obvious again.

      I was hoping "kiss it
      goodbye" meant takeover...but probalby not.
      I can see
      this stock getting to IPO in October. I don't know why
      it would be shorted now. If anything, early
      investors are selling and the investors who bought on the
      three to four dollar dip are selling. I don't see this
      as a short strategy stock as much as a "cash in
      stock" or a "take your profit" stock right

      Just a different perspective(Technical view) from
      someone who doesn't love these guys.



    • you are in big trouble enough. Take all your money out wile you can still get it out. short sales coming any day now.

    • short short short. take your precious little company and kiss it bye bye. Prime target on all shorts screens.

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