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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 5, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    Patrick Doyle steps to protect shareholders, DPZ, Bubble and collusion, is the SEC paying attention? Mary Jo White?

    Are you going to F over all of the new blood you finally got to come in with this move for a dividend now?

    Seriously? Sounds like a set up for a crash.

    Your allowing brokers who collude to perhaps make a run at knocking your share price down?

    Patty Boy let me ask you something does your cash flow allow for such a dividend and what will happen when your sales start to slow or analysts stop playing the game of ....

    1. set the bar low
    2. let the company beat the low bar
    3. drive up the pps up even more

    We know the game Patty Boy, how honest and valuable of a shareholder are you is the question will you be able to cash in on the manipulation of brokers when it goes to the downside, which it will? The answer is not you don't have control of pps, because you do Patty Boy, stop speaking to shareholders if they don't understand. Buybacks will increase pps as well as increase investing return on the balance sheet.

    Yes we did notice the insiders are not buying shares but selling at a feverish pitch.

    Yes O'Doyle we get the BOD put in a dividend, that is a start but do will you be able to maintain it so with that large debt your carrying? Correct me if I am wrong, don't you want to get rid if the heap of debt first before you make future obligations for a percentage of your cashflow?

    Is Mary Jo White watching?

    Please share such topics of convesation at the dinner table and email friends, family, colleagues and the head of the SEC Mary Jo White, hopefully she isn't too much of a puppet like her predecessors, after politics did get her to where she is, lets face it, the pope didn't appoint her to her new gig but a politican did.

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    • its spiking huh..when are the shorts going to come in to drive her down...when are those fund managers going to start selling off and start pumping all the bad news aboug dpz?

      you know the news analysts reserve to start pumping to use as arms of manipulation.


      lets keep an eyer on it and see if Mary Jo can find someone to slaughter in public from one of the BOD or colluding borkerage houses....if she wants to send a message to the us citizen to stop speaking of a revolution when the next time the wall st. cheats and the collusion of the us government brings the market down to 8K and done allowing them to play "the game" aka stealing the us citizens savings and future.

      nice to see her bleed out and slaughter a few pigs but if they didn't after the LIBOR scandal odds are they are dumb or in on it.

      please share such topics of conversations at the dinner table as well as bars and all other pubilc establishments.

    • Here is a piece from the Oracle of Omaha regarding what a CEO can do when collusion among brokers starts to drive the pps to discount levels.

      Patty Boy, spare us with the "we have no control of pps".

      Please note and cite other CEO in the past who have used such excuses to remove themselves from the collusion and allowing their shareholders to be molested by the wall st. cheats now you know which and how many LIARS and corrupt CEO's are out there or and if they are morons.

      "Citing an example, the Oracle of Omaha said Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK.A) (NYSE:BRK.B)’s share prices have tumbled more than 50 percent four times in its history. In those time, Buffett said, there were hundreds of people asking to distribute dividends, do this, do that, etc. But the only thing he did was to buy more Berkshire shares at low prices, and keep working on improving the company’s value"

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table and mail friends, family and colleagues. Let us collude upon the truth.

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