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  • Angst1998 Angst1998 Oct 6, 1998 8:57 AM Flag

    Buy Back....

    Obviously, every little bit helps, but the last
    buy-back ran from early August thru early September. The
    price fell by a third during that time -- so don't look
    for this to represent any kind of turn-around
    opportunity. At best, it may help support the price a little
    thru the traditional bumps of October. That assumes
    they buy it on the open market at market price --
    which, incidently, their release does not promise. It
    clearly states privately negotiated buy backs as an

    In any event, $10 million to help stabililize the
    price could be a good thing except every time the price
    has moved up a point or two in recent weeks, those
    who can afford to do so have sold. That's what we've
    seen -- it would hit a wall at ten & 1/2 or eleven and
    slump back down again. We may just see a replay of that
    activity -- people getting out when there is an
    opportunity to make a buck or two or at least cut their
    recent losses.


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    • That wasn't quite the thrill ride I had hoped for.



    • Hexcel Corp. (HXL) 9 +1/4: CS First Boston
      reinstates coverage of carbon fibers, reinforcement fabrics,
      and lightweight, high performance composite materials
      manufacturer with "buy" and a 12-month price target of $19 a
      share; recent acquisition of Clark-Schwebel's equity
      interest in CS-Interglas gives company leading position in
      the global glass fabric marketplace and expands its
      presence into the electrical fabric industry; to account
      for acquisitions, lowers FY98 EPS from $1.60 to
      $1.50, FY99 EPS from $1.95 to $1.75, FY00 from $2.35 to
      $2.00 and
      FY01 from $2.80 to $2.40 a share;
      nonetheless, at currently depressed price levels,
      upside potential exists.....

    • copied from today's news

      Recent history of
      Broker "Actions"

      14-Oct-98 CS First Boston
      Started Buy
      15-Jun-98 BT Alex. Brown Upgrade Buy
      Strong Buy
      21-Apr-98 CS First Boston Upgrade Buy
      Strong Buy
      20-Apr-98 Bear Stearns Started

      did I paste it correctly?

      HXL getting some
      notice at these value levels?

    • Check out the news on HXL -- CS First Boston is
      putting us back on the map with a buy rating. I thought
      our morning rally was the company buy-back, but I
      think it's the real thing this time.


    • Dave, Cool echo in here!

      Just kidding. Nothing else to do but just sit and wait.


    • when the stock made its inexorable slide from
      12-3/4 to
      1-7/8 a few years ago!! then, after the
      re-org, HXL agreed to
      give the old stock holders new
      stock, plus an option to buy one more share (new equity
      financing) for each share of the new stock
      for 4-5/8.

      One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was not
      exercising those
      options.. as you know, HXL rocketed
      from 4-5/8 to 30 + .... of course, I regret not taking
      a CAP gain when it was up there in the stratophere

      BTW, pre- BK, when HXL was at 12-3/4, a
      number of analysts had
      HXL as a strong BUY, with a
      price target of 24 !! Just shows you
      numbskulls analysts can be .... I hardly ever listen to them


      Also...did you all know that HXL trades Call/ Put options on
      Pacific exchange?? I have made some nice
      Covered Premiums over the last two years. My only beef is
      that the trading is "thin"
      and that the BID/ ASK
      spreads are ridiculous sometimes,,,,

      Cheers, Dave

    • Notice how quiet it has gotten in here all of the sudden?

      I feel like the last HXL stockholder on Earth. At this price, little wonder.


    • Before some pedagogue chastises me, the contraction of "you are" is "you're"; minor peccadillo. Mea culpa, my faux' pas.

    • Forget it! Good luck and have fun fishing.


    • I think I'll put this one (HXL) in a drawer and
      not think about it for a couple of

      Wether we're still in for some additional falls or not,
      I am finding some terrific bargains out there. Like
      HXL, they really can't fall any further, but, UNLIKE
      this company, they have solid management.


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