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  • Options_By_JP Options_By_JP Oct 27, 1998 4:36 PM Flag

    Stock Buyback

    Does anyone know when the company can start its share repurchase plan? This seems to be the only thing in the near future that can cause this stock to rise.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • I beleive the two fundimental negitives are fully
      discounted in the stock price. They are an over leveraged
      balance sheet and a poor aerospace market for the next
      Tax selling essentially complete. I expect
      the next move to be up.
      It appears that 1999 eps
      estimates range from $1.00 to 1.55 with most around $1.40.
      This type of result should raise the stock to the mid
      teens in 1999.
      I'm long the stock @ $7.50

    • LOAD UP !!!! A lot of the December sales were tax sales... at the
      very least , this baby will bump up to 9-1/2 to 10 by early Feb.,
      as the Wash Sale waaiting period expires... Cheers

    • I really don't think HXL will go lower than it
      did today. I had waited to see if I could get it in
      the $5-6 range, but I gave up waiting. I bought today
      at 7 5/16, and I hope that it's starting a gradual
      uptrend now. I made a lot of money before buying around 4
      and selling well before the long slide into oblivion.
      Wish I'd got out at 32, but I was close enough that I
      won't complain.

      Thanks to a tip from someone
      on this board, I bought some WYG (formerly WYMN) and
      have seen it slide about a point and a half--though I
      think it too will start to pick up. Looking at the
      brief profiles of the two companies given on the Yahoo
      listing, it seems to me that HXL is a lot stronger, though
      it's price is only about 70% of WYG. Maybe there is
      genuine concern about HXL's ability to service its debt
      or probably more realistically to post earnings
      after servicing its debt. But I think that those who
      get it now at or near the bottom will be rewarded,
      and I think(hope) the rewards will start coming
      sooner rather than later.

    • Can anyone tell me what percentage of HXL's earnings come from Boeing? And if so, how much from the old Boeing Corp.and how much from McDonnell-Douglas? Thanks.

    • Price Earnings : 5.0 !!!
      Price to Sales :
      $.29 buys you $1.00 in sales !!!
      potential: Buck or Two at most,,,
      Technology and/or
      production facilities : 1st class

      Float: Sixty
      Percent of shares held by two "Strong Hands"

      intend to buy , buy buy!! If the shares go back up to 12
      or 13
      by year 2K , as suspect they might, then I
      am VERY happy camper..

      OR you can buy some
      Internet stock at 300X earnings and major craash
      potential... CHEERS

    • Agree that low has been reached. Suspect
      "Nscoul's" observations are fundamentally sound. Boeing's
      problems and concurrent market plunge of late summer --
      they hit this stock hard. What could hit it

      Frustrating thing is that we may need to wait out Asia before
      this one recovers in any meangingful way,


    • Action yesterday encouraging but one day does not
      a trend make. Good news is market & BA dropped but
      HXL held it's own and did not break to new lows. IMhO
      stock is OVERSOLD but could remain so. Support in low 8
      to high 7 range and bounce from here definite
      possiblity. If Brazil tanks all bets are OFF! If it breaks
      its support I don't think down side that great from
      these depressed levels. Stock made nice recent run to
      low teens; hoping for repeat. Either way, I'm ready
      to move.

      Good Luck

    • There will be a minimal amount of tax selling due
      to the volatility of the stock market over the last
      2 months. Forget about seeing 5's or 6's in this
      one. The low for the year has been reached... I
      believe that most of the tax selling has taken place.
      Taking book value into account, October low of 7 7/16
      durring the worst sell off this year, tells me that the
      lows have been reached and its up from here. Look at
      the action on Thursday, lots of support. Stayed above
      the low on Wednesday. Yes HXL LONGS. This is the time
      to BUY, while the stock is down.

    • Currently I don't have a position. Fundamentally
      I like the company and think it has very good
      potential for its stock price to rise again. (Several years
      ago I bought under 5 and sold when it was 24.) I
      think I will buy again and I hope to make that kind of
      return again. But for the time being, I plan to wait to
      see if the stock drops to $5 or $6 caused by year end
      tax selling. I am not trying to depress the price and
      not trying to encourage anyone to sell. Long term I
      think it's a good investment, but I suspect it'll go
      lower than it is now.
      Odds are I'll be long in

    • Haven't seen your posts since ADPT months ago.
      Market is crazy. Remember last Aug/Sept after LTCM no
      one wanted money center banks...wish you bought in to
      CCI, LEH, JPM then huh? What about techs?...ditto.
      Everyone, myself included, looking for the bear in OCT.,
      surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE. I've been in/out TD, CCI,
      WDC, KNT, VSH, MLS yada. The very fact that HXL along
      with all the oil service stocks has reached this
      degree of pessimism is reason to establish PARTIAL long
      position. Deeply oversold IMhO with downside 1-2 points &
      upside much greater. Can't say what I would do if it
      drops to 5-6; at this point I would likely average down
      but could sell if situation changes.


      HXL Insider

      Good Luck


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