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  • mthiker2004 mthiker2004 Dec 23, 2009 11:36 AM Flag

    Whoo hoo!

    New 52 week high today. (Maybe shouldn't use the "whoo hoo," thing? As I recall, that was MaMu's tag line, and look where it got them!)


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    • I held this stock all the way to the bottom.Now I'm almost even and agree with you that it is going higher.

    • Lol. Man, I dont know why we're going up (nearing new dividend announcment date?) but I'll take a new 52-week high anyday :)

      I was thinking about selling some at $12. But that darn hope for an acquisition announcment is keeping me in! When will it come? I dont know!.. I've actually stopped waiting for it. But all signs point towards one.

      - Hog?

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      • Maybe I'm a pig, but I'm in this for the long term. We are (IMO) still in a recession and although stocks have gone up a lot since March, when the economy truly improves, CODI holders will be rewarded with a hefty upside. In the meantime, I'm being paid 12% to hold the stock ... And it's a pain for me to trade in/out of it tax-wise.

        I sold CODI two years ago at 12ish with a small gain, believing that I could buy back for less later. That worked out well buying back in this past winter/spring. But I also sold ARCC for a gain at 6 this last spring, thinking I could buy back for less, but with ARCC at 12 or so, that hasn't worked out quite as well! I don't think I was cut out to be an active trader.

        And we both know that within days of selling CODI, there will be an acquisition announcement!

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