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  • hachi05man hachi05man May 20, 2012 8:27 AM Flag

    Liberty Announces new Assemby Line

    Hey, thanks Mthiker for the neat update. When you combine the new line with Liberty being in conservative,good work ethic Utah you begin to think that Liberty has a real shot at staying ahead of China. As to what is driving gun sales (Glock is sold out) I've seen articles saying that President Obama with his anti-gun views is the best gun sale driving force ever. As far as Joe coming back I think not. His disappearance is due to more than just regulatory/SEC issues IMO. Besides, I can't see where his absence has hurt CODI. And the "noise level" has certainly diminished. There's also been a change in strategic direction emphasizing niche products requiring specialized manufacturing since he left, and I'm for it. My CODI holdings are an investment,too. I agree that FOX is crown jewel, but would be happier were it moved from high priced/high taxed CA to either Utah or Texas. Camebak a great acquisition IMO. I've seen the first banning of disposable water bottles on ecological grounds, and suspect Camelbak will do fine. Rare earth magnets is another technical product along with circuit boards that should have a good future,too. I think what we all need is one of these companies to soar so that CODI can get above $20/share. And it sure isn't going to come from "promotional furniture"!

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