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  • roger29palms roger29palms Jun 24, 2012 7:31 PM Flag

    volume increase

    Definitely some large entity or entities buying Friday but what is puzzling is there were 9 days before Friday when the shares could have been purchased less expensively.
    Any thoughts?


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    • While I did't see the tape for Friday's plus 3 million shares, it makes sense that there were some large block trades that would not be related to the previous days trading activity. It was like a brokered deal that was unrelated to the current market activity. Somebody wanted to buy a lot and somebody wanted to sell a lot of stock. The question is whether the smart entity was the buyer or the seller. It is also possible that they were both smart. All a matter of time frames and opportunity cost. Keep in mind that there is also risk involved and one entity was going risk on while the other entity was going risk off. It goes without saying that risk on was buying CODI. As returns go up, risk increases according to investment models. Most of those invested here know this and believe that the return is greater than the risk.

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