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  • yogalad_returns yogalad_returns Aug 13, 2005 9:10 AM Flag

    Welcome new bagholders

    I have too small a position (5,000 short at 3.44) to bother posting but when I see you idiots abusing brother Sasakikojirosan, who really doesn't have any agenda except to expose the corruption and stupidity of a long position in MACE, then I must bestir myself.

    Do you longs know how long you've been salivating every time MACE so much as farts? Everytime anything happens your posts read exactly alike.

    So they made 3 cents last quarter. BFD.

    So it's trading below book value (if you believe what they claim their assets are worth). BFD.

    'Dis stock is goin to da mooon!'

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Okay, you've already made me waste more time on this than I wanted to. Enjoy your glue-factory pony!

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    • The Two of you were Babbling the same nonsense when it went from 3.00 to 6.60 and Recently going from 2.40 to 3.50. Will you say Congrats when we sell the Car Wash Property and double up again. Or will you please yourselves with more Babble. How's that IMH and MSO Sasa???

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      • News is over due on sale of car washes, and more news is comming about Sec. sales & bussiness. Buy the Sept. $2.50 call at say $.35, which can turn out very profitable for a short sweese. $350 to control 1000 shares of mace. Just a thought.

        Good luck all!

      • Thought you had died from a drug overdose, but good to see you survivied. Well I'm certainly not happy about IMH, but luckily my MSO short play worked out and now I'm also short on GEPT. Unlike you I actually tell the truth about my stocks and positions on them.

        Now that you know you can go back to your drug and liquor induced stupor and sleep in your little refrigerator carton. I'm done with you for now.

        For the deluded longs here, Mace is going to have a terrible time trying to sell car washes. That isn't exactly a booming industry right now and has it's own set of environmental problems.

    • book value may be right based on if they own the real estate the car washes sit on or not. Also I think when they sell the car washes and concentrate on security biz; the stock will go up significantly. I see acquisitions and increased manufacturing at that time. At that time the money will have already been made on this stock at that plateu and time frame. I expect an annoucement in the next 45 days-but this is only an opinion as well as the rest of the above.

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      • NEW YORK (AP) - Six surveillance cameras could be seen peering out from a chain drug store on Broadway. One protruded awkwardly from the awning of a fast-food restaurant. A supersized, domed version hovered like a flying saucer outside Columbia University. To the dismay of civil libertarians and with the approval of law enforcement, they've been multiplying at a dizzying rate all over Manhattan.

        "As many as we find, we miss so many more," Alex Stone-Tharp, 21, said on a recent afternoon while combing the streets, clipboard in hand, counting cameras in the scorching heat.

        A student at Sarah Lawrence, Stone-Tharp is among a dozen college interns enlisted by the New York Civil Liberties Union to bolster their side of a simmering debate over whether surveillance cameras wrongly encroach on privacy, or effectively combat crime and even terrorism - as in the London bombings investigation, when the cameras were used to identify the bombers.

        The interns have spent the summer stalking Big Brother - collecting data for an upcoming NYCLU report on the proliferation of cameras trained on streets, sidewalks and other public spaces.

        New York City police detectives regularly rely on private security cameras in a bid to solve crimes.

        After makeshift grenades exploded outside the British consulate in midtown Manhattan on May 5, they studied scores of videotape and concluded that a still-unidentified cyclist likely tossed the devices before fleeing.

        In London, British police used videotape from some of their Underground system's 6,000 cameras to help identify the suicide bombers on July 7 and the suspects in a failed attack on July 21. But as the bombings showed, the cameras do not deter determined attackers.

        At last count in 1998, the New York Civil Liberties Union found 2,397 cameras used by a wide variety of private businesses and government agencies throughout Manhattan. This time, after canvassing less than a quarter of the borough, the interns so far have spotted more than 4,000.

        The preliminary total "only provides a glimpse of the magnitude of the problem," said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman. "Nobody has a clue how many there really are."

        But aside from sheer numbers, the NYCLU says it's concerned about the increasing use of newer, more powerful digital cameras that - unlike boxy older models - can be controlled remotely and store more images.

        The group expects to eventually publicize its findings to convince the public that the cameras should be regulated to preserve privacy and guard against abuses like racial profiling and voyeurism. Privacy advocates have cited a case earlier this year in which a police videotape that captured a suicide at a Bronx housing development later turned up on a pornographic Web site.