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  • richmondinvestor richmondinvestor Aug 10, 2006 12:08 PM Flag


    The reported reduction in FFO for the remainder of the year seems to be minimal due to the early payoff by a client. It is change upward as soon as further acquisitions come on line. This is a growth company and slight distortions in the business planning seem to amplify needlessly in the press. If you believe that this is a growth company, don't panic. Just watch it grow. Will buy more today and in the near future. The management conference call soothed any concern I might have developed.

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    • So, the panic of a couple weeks ago that the stock would tank to $11 seems to have faded. I told you that this was a growth company and you can't let the little things cause panic. I had a buy in at $11.79 and missed the additional purchase as it only went to 11.80. Now I am not sure it will fall back to that level again. Wait for the dips, and buy this one.

    • You have got to be kidding.This stock will drop like a lead weight.You heard the problems they are having & they cannot get the right acquistions they desire.They are also at the mercy of their credit holders.They "expect" to grow out of this difficulty.The stock is a sham in this environment & can go bust in the next 6-12 months.Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

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      • I can't agree with you that the company is a "sham". Basically,it is a start up operation and you have to accept the risk to buy this stock. If you want more security, go for a more established company. The only thing I don't really like about this company is the salaries paid to the senior executives. Too much for a new company. They haven't "earned" it yet. I like these medical REIT's and own several including the more established HCN. They offer a lot of growth for years to come. This one could be a hit down the road. Besides, it is still cheap at 12, 11, or 10.

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