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  • nullzero66 nullzero66 Dec 19, 2006 3:14 PM Flag

    Added more today at 14.12

    The bleeding the last couple days is on no news. Once some good news comes out or news that they are rasing the divy again MPW is going to shoot back into the 15s. Low 14s is a bargain for MPW, I dont know if we will get a better buying oppertunity. Chances this goes to 13 are slim.

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    • this stock has been creamed in the past week or two. It was well over 15$ not long ago. Seen nothing but red.

    • Todays rise was because of the buy rec but now it will again settle back to the high $13s for a while. I love the prospects of this company long term!

    • "...most of my reits have been tanking lately..including today..."

      Gee, most of my stocks are tanking here near the close...but MPW seems to be holding most of its gains today.

      What goes around comes around eventually.

    • I don't remember what price I sold CMO at. It was in 1998 after all. The problem was the stock. It was crap just like LUM due for the waterfall treatment. I'm not saying never sell. Just you haven't given a reasonable documented reason to sell MPW. Just subjective BS.

      I've been in MPW since March, now up about 40% was as much as about 46% I believe. As long as the divie is sustainable, its ok. The divie should grow with increasing reasonable leverage as should the price. You do know about the baby boomers...they are going to need hospitalization even before the nursing homes. HCN is a long time fovorite in that business. Kinda slow and dorky... That's what you buy generally when you are investing "blood money" (retirement). I just got to MPW a little ahead of the curve like I did with BRT and RAS. Good for me. I've been at this over 30 years now. One buy and hold forever is TJX IMHO. Now up 31,500+% or 21.4% compounded since the 1970's. That doesn't account for any modest divie over the years. Very good for me.

      The greatest burden in investing is being true to your inner personality. Some are better at constant decission making (trading) others are better at perseverance and handling adversity (buy and hold). You have to know yourself from the inside and be right on the stocks you put your money in. Trading is generally for low/non dividend payers IMHO. They have the volitility to make it worthwhile.

    • Some stocks you do hold forever. Take PTR,VNO, etc. These u want to hold and collect yield. Nothing wrong with locking in profits, nothing wrong with letting profits run.

    • I had CMO as well ,however you held until it went down to @$8.00 a share & I sold out in the @$20.00 a share.That is the problem in holding on forever.One little problem with MPW & it will tank quickly.You hold,I will trade.Thank you for holding.

    • LUM changed its format.You should read their statements & are earning much more than dividend.The real estate market is not tanking & will continue to restabilize over the next year.On the other hand,the hospital market is being squeezed from all sides & will continue to crumble under the weight of the policies of the federal & state governments.The pressure of the insurance companies to continue making their obscene profits on the backs of the private patients & forcing hospitals to negotiate contracts which cannot support their overhead, & will cause many hospitals ,old & new to fail.MPW is a vibrant new REIT.I just don't like their business partners who now hold a sword over them with their no lose,I win only borrowing scheme.One small bad turn will bring the house down.A BIG GAMBLE.IMO

    • sedoc,
      LUM has 15 times debt to equity. I had one of that kind once. The symbol was CMO. I learned a valuable lesson in 1998. Have a look at the chart for 1998.

      These days I prefer my REITs to have lower debt to equity like MPW.

    • LUM is tied to the housing bubble. If it goes pop so does LUM. The risk is much more significant owning LUM, and LUM not being able to pay out its divy.

    • Why pay $14.00 a share & earn %7 ,when you can buy LUM at under $10.00 a share & make over %12?

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