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  • tryingtogetthefacts tryingtogetthefacts Dec 31, 2006 10:01 AM Flag

    Total Return

    My only problem is that they are paying all profits in dividends, I would like to see better coverage. Also, since their total business is hospitals, watch out for any medicare changes from the Dems that might affect them. So far, though, the company is doing a great job.

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    • It's not just profits as dividends. It's FFO, including depreciation. It's kind of all the cash available to spend.

      I think $1.30 for FFO in 2007 (the consensus). Increasing dividend still from here and increasing leverage on the balance sheet. Maybe someday all the chickens come home to roost. The REITs are subject to shockes from time to time. MPW should get the divie / FFO down at some point to less than 90% hopefully when growth begins to slow. Till then it's shoot the lights out. JMHO

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      • The dividends are being paid out of borrowed monies.They want to get the price of the stck above $16.25 so thay can convert these borrowed monies into stock then slowly bail out with you guys holding the bag.This is the usual UBS," Paine Weber" technique. They did the same with CMO.Just read their loan papers & you will understand the rational.This is a wonderful trading stock.Don't hold it too long.You have about 9 months to hold until the bottom starts to fall out.IMHO

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