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  • No one injured,production on schedule...modular production facility, business as usual.

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    • 'Arson may be someone's way of saying, "I don't like you."'

      Does anyone else think that this latest news might potentially have something to do with Art's-Way being a highly shorted public company? From the minute I read the news I suspected foul play.

      Now I know this may seem far-fetched...but given all the information incorporated in my view of the situation, it seems like this is a very real possibility.

      Q4 results will mark reckoning day for skeptics regardless. if this is the case I am fully confident that management will take the gloves off and fight for shareholders.


    • I don't think business as usual is likely after a total loss fire in a production facility. You can't replace your manufacturing equipment and inventory that quickly.
      I would expect production delays, order cancellations, and lost sales because of the fire.
      Insurance probably covers the loss, but the insurance companies always get you in the end with higher premiums.
      Fortunately, the modular lab business represents only a small fraction of the company's sales....but this is still a setback for the company.

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      • homeland security modular units/trailers newest division which was bought out of bankruptcy. this division with 35 employees eager and wanting to get back to work was not yet profitable. ag parts, ag equipment, and oem sugar beet harvester are profitable and with the President mandating increased ethanol/bio-fuels have the potential to expand sales and production. artw is insured. gehl-artw main competitor in ag parts/equipment is out of the ag business. gehl is totally into construction. read the news!!!!! reports out of bangledesh etc are headlines with misleading facts! over-reaction to the loss was the selling on friday.

    • tell me about it. go out of our way to mention bad news like this.

      meanwhile, there are all these positive developments going on behind the scenes that are never even publicized by management.

      will there be any affect to the results and are we insured?

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      • vessels mfg & ag mfg including sugar beet havester & ag parts not in plant which burned down. this is newest acquisition: homeland security modulars: company insured. believe this is a temporary setback to newest division. look at charts...shorts attacked friday in low volume. added to my long term position. thankyou for the cheap stock. farmers to take grains to the bank this year. gehl out of competition with arts-way mfg. employee who saved mainframe deserves a raise.....

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