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  • zzwildman zzwildman Mar 5, 2009 11:35 AM Flag


    skip, i read all posts on ARTW and usually you are the only one visiting the sites. maybe you mis-understood me about Vessels. It is very bullish that quotes are coming in since the lack of sales over the last year. ARTW sounded very bullish on the turn-around on Vessels which appears to be taking place. ARTW described a situation with outsourcing in paint as i recall for Vessels which has been corrected. imagine a 3 million plus revenue division again. the profit in Vessels was healthy. with droughts in the west and south and Vessels specializing in water containers and a liner cutting costs of the unit and new mgmt this sounds good. T.Boone Pickens is predicting $60 dollars on oil before it see's $40.00? unfortunately dairy farmers are losing money on milk. dairy farmers in the short run will not be buying new equipment. any more visits to ARTW plants please report.

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    • I did misunderstand you. Apparently vessels is winning bids now and the only question is whether they are profitable bids. I've been trying to access the conference call but now I cannot even get to the ARTW web page. Keeps telling me the link appears to be broken. So not much more I can do though I will certainly tell you if I drive by any of the factories again. Or go to the annual meeting which should be in late April I think.
      Best, L.

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