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  • zzwildman zzwildman May 29, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    ARTW up yesterday after 4 down days was short attack successful?

    on May 21 I reported a short attack again. An organized effort of sells from the open primarily thru the first hour of 100 plus sells to bid. No news was reported by ARTW. lets look at trading pattern before that date: 5-16 : open $7.74 close $8.00, high $8.00, low $7.40 showing strength high @ close. 5-17: open $7.99, high $8.37, low $7.91 close $8.14 more strength. 5-20, open $8.21, high $8.44, low $8.18 close $8.35 continuing higher, 5-21, open $7.58 considerably lower on selling low clear down to $7.00 near open, high $8.22 close $7.75. volume spiked from average volume 10 day (12,300) to 27,200 that day. days before volume had increased. average volume 3 months 9,365. since then volume has gone back to normal. with shorts reporting???? which is questionable because in past shorts not reported on Berlin market etc was approximately 50% normal volume. so figuring the short position is in and out frequently how much volume is shorting and covering? obviously shorts attacked and did get stock below $7.00 and of this time did not break 50 & 200 day support. and unsucessfull attack. Why? well the 50 day moving average is $6.69 and 200 day $6.41. so anyone thinking short position like my colleague I disagree it is high percentage volume.

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