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  • zzwildman zzwildman Jun 26, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    ARTW international manufacturing in Canada as of today!

    ARTW has purchased its distribution partner of 6 years in eastern Canada "Agro Trend" manufacturer & distribuitor of farm equipment from privately held "Rojac Industries," whom continues to warehouse raw steel for building manufacturing. All details shall be revealed through sec filing. Employees have been retained and ARTW will expand the new division in Canada in manufacturing and distribution. ARTW will integrate line of farm equipment from "Agro Trend" in Iowa increasing revenue and sales. Goal is not only increasing sales in Iowa but utilizing existing line of "Agro Trend ", dealers in Canada stressing western Canada.

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    • ZZ wild What are your thoughts on Canada Sales, as the Forage season is full tilt here in SW ND, Was on a road trip last night and observed 3 different farms Swathing or Baling ..
      Should one really treat this as a sales expansion in 2013??
      I also see that the Canadian $$ has weakened to approx. 94 cents to a USA $$ So all US made equipt will be priced higher cause of the $$ change.. don

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      • see someone doesn't appreciate your comments on manufacturing we'll ignore them. I might add ARTW sold to a distributor and gave them a healthy discount to sell direct to dealers who sold to farmers. I believe it is about a 14 hour drive to ARTW from Agro Trend so they must have been picking up some ARTW farm equipment to re-sell. ARTW most likely will ship full truck loads to Clifford. Ontario when possible to save freight. ARTW will most likely absorb price increases in Canada saving on not sharing profit with a distributor. From what I believe ARTW will also sell Mandako in Canada, but not Cressoni Engineering Roto Cross Cut from Italy. Cressoni Air Flow Corn Head looks interesting.

      • all Agro Trend farm equipment will be manufactured in Canada and sold in Canada and Iowa throughout ARTW sales areas throughout U.S.A. giving ARTW a cost advantage in manufacturing which will be applied toward freight costs and labor in Canada. So ARTW expands farm equipment sales first in Iowa immediately with additional product. completely new for ARTW will be snow blowers, front and rear mounted for tractors and pull behind giving ARTW a winter seasonal item to maintain contact with all dealers in snow belt areas. furthermore ARTW expands line of dump trailers they already sell. Synergies between two companies are a comfortable marriage. As for Canada not only do they increase sales area with new ARTW products though they have been selling ARTW farm equipment for approximately 6 years now and have an experienced General Manager in Canada running Agro Trend with full knowledge of Canadian dealers and manufacturers including western Canada where the large farms and dealers are located. He also has knowledge of competitors in Minnesota, Dakotas, etc. As usual ARTW not only purchased small line of equipment and got thrown in experienced Management, manufacturing team, and large number of dealers throughout International area which is a first for ARTW being truly an International manufacture in North America. So lets not look at equipment its the Synergies obtained.

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