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  • vinthetoolman vinthetoolman Mar 9, 2009 2:43 PM Flag

    NBC....CNBC...GE .... Shame on YOU !!

    NBC....CNBC...GE .... Shame on YOU !! Lets hope CNN and the others dont copy them !

    I’ve been watching the likes of CNBC and its associated programs such as Fast Money and Mad Money for some time now, and I must add with great disgust. I feel it’s a damn shame that NBC, with as many years being a staple in the lives of Americans can put up with the bashing of our President and his efforts to jumpstart, or restart the economy.

    From the early AM shows such as Squawk on the Street to the Closing Bell and beyond ending the day with that seemingly bipolar Cramer, it is clear that the entirety of their programming takes their “freedom of speech” rite to whole new high in being an icon of conservative partisanship.

    Most of the talking head on these shows have been proven wrong, even as late as the Jon Stewart show which aired last week after Santelli “bailed out” of showing up. ( The CNBC shows to me is now what I view as nothing but a continuous flow of partisan drama queens that take every shot they can at President Obama. Shame on them!! He won…get over it NBC. Move on and get a grip on what your continuous bashing is doing to the overall “confidence” of your viewers. I’m wondering when the parent company GE is going to begin to realize that these talking heads as being destructed at best and fail to see that President Obama is giving his all to try to fix the mess he and Americans inherited from 8 years of lacking leadership.

    For those of you who never had the chance of watching this disgusting display of “fixed journalism”, I invite you to take a week and view these shows with an open mind and you will soon be able to identify the core of my findings. Watch the talking heads like that Larry guy. I’m sorry but my sentiments after viewing many of his segments is that he’d be more productive hosting a cable network show called “Queer Eye for the Stock Guy”. It seems as soon as someone on his show begins backing President Obama’s efforts, this clown finds it necessary to break for a commercial or some bull@&t breaking news. This “need for a break” is common on all the other CNBC and MSNBC shows as well. Watch for it closely on many of the clips on the CNBC site and you’ll see it clearly as I did.

    As far as the Santelli rant of last week…..I think I speak for a lot of the, as he called them, losers, that if he is so steadfast to the mantra of” the American Way”, then why is he blind to the fact that some of these “losers” might be victims rather than losers...or can we all presume that the all who are having financial troubles are guilty until proven “Poor”. Shame on you Santelli ! Shame on you NBC and your affiliates! Shame on those talking heads who will soon realize that their bashing is being destructive and they will hold their heads in their hands over time and be saying, Oh my God…What did we do?”

    More power to President Obama and God bless him for all of his efforts. As he repeatedly said his plan may not be perfect….but we must do something NOW !! Give the guy a chance, even if he makes a few mistakes along the way. I would love to meet those who don’t agree with giving him some time to get it right…for they are the select few who came out of their mothers womb walking and talking and bypassed the learning process.

    God Bless America!

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    • Douche. Poor people are NOT victims. They are people that didn't work hard enough to achieve a certain level of success. Everybody in America is afforded a free education. Some choose not to take advantage of that, and instead end up selling rock and draining public assistance coffers....while demanding more and more and more. It's not my responsibility to help the lazy. If somebody can't read the fine print in a mortgage contract, they deserve to be screwed.

    • Great comments

    • You are 100% right. The only way the conservatives, including the democratic ones, will ever be able to blame Obama and his policies if those poicies should fail is if they give him complete support and a free rein. Otherwise their opposition will be truly at fault if the U.S. and the world go down in flames. Many of his proposals will serve to strengthen our country in ways that the nearsighted cannot see. Fix the economy first and for the long term. The conservatives have had their turn and look at what their policies have wrought! Change is long, long overdue and that is why there is so much to be done. Get on board. We need bold innovation, not reactionary fears.

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      • Obama is spending like an eighteen year-old who won a big lottery jackpot.Unfortunately,thats what "change" means.Obama is WAAAY too inexperienced in politics,and it is showing early.Blaming Bush for the next four years will be the theme of the Obama adm. and it will soon fall on deaf ears as this country slowly collapses under an inept democrat controlled country.Repubs will be back in four years to clean up the mess.Obama will go down in history as the worst president the U.S. has ever had,even though we all know Pelosi is the "real" president.

    • Well stated Vin the tool, the Traitors you mention should be locked up, during this economic war the country is in. They said the Market was down due to the President, butdo not have the courage to say anything positive when it is up. I will Never ever, shop at Loews' after the bashing that spoiled prick gave the President a few days ago. Good Job Vin.
      Frank in Alabama

    • santelli is correct on the housing issue. He hit a cord with the american people who are doing what he is saying with the tea party. That scares people like you and the admin.
      This is good for this country to talk about the crap that this gov't is doing.
      My brother has a home loan, he would love to have a 3% rate over his 6.5%. he can't get it because he pays his bill on time and is not in default. The good people are getting screwed. So you want to help the people that f**k up, and we will have to pay this through taxes. Americans are tired of this, why can't you see this.

      Real change will happen when you get rid of the career politicians(term limits and campaign reform). Obama is part of this with his policies that is causing people to rethink this so call new world order. People don't really want change but improvement in their lives.
      So wake up,and stop following the gov't and the pres. blindly.

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