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  • insider117 insider117 Apr 8, 2009 11:49 AM Flag


    If they decide to change billing rates for broadband internet, I predict they will lose a lot of customers in the process. From a customer standpoint it will become a ... "THIS IS THE LAST STRAW" scenario that WILL propel people to change ISP's (and more). People are already screaming mad about the idea. How likely is it that they will passify like sheep and "take it quietly" 9 months from now?

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    • What is better certainly NOT comcast and t mobile want a worse case try them out and you will see!

    • Let's see now, billing people for the bandwidth they actually use versus a flat monthly rate. Hmmm, that means my bill might go down if I use below the average amount of bandwidth while those who use more than the average amount of bandwidth each month will see their bills go up. Wow! Those greedy bastards at TWC. Allocating charges based on usage. That's hardly fair. Let's keep it the way it is where low bandwidth users subsidize high bandwidth users. When I look at things from your perspective I see your point. Bet you voted for "change" too didn't you?

    • TWC doesn't get the big picture. they are the only game in town in far to many freaking towns. I venture to guess that my throughput is very often way below the 1.5mb/s promised to me, but i have no way to verify and besides, who would i complain to. the game changer is free web TV and getting a big slice of that action is TWCs only motivation. this who thing is so transparent. despite the fact that they can and do raise cable TV rates any time they choose, and rather than charge a fair price for a fair (at best) product, they decide to gouge us yet again. i've been waiting decades for an alternative to these bloodsucking parasites. i've written to my representatives. if we all do the same and reregulate these maggots maybe change will come.

    • My 85-year-old mother in Arizona uses AOL and she just downloaded Skype. Wait'll she sees her bill! I'm in socialist France where I pay 29 Euros a month for unlimited internet, TV and phone with unlimited long distance to land lines worldwide. Soooooo glad I'm a socialist. So glad.

    • Where would you go? AT&T and VZ said that they will do the same thing. All other cable companies are doing to the same. Will you go back to dail up?

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      • good point,

        but Rochester lacks options.

        Clearwire costs 39.99/mo frontier basic 19.99/mo
        frontier has another serv for around 34.99

        none of the heavy users like/use frontier
        b/c frontier uses 30 yr old tel wires.

        when was the last time u saw the tel co. replace wires in your area.


        Maybe Time Warner initially chose Rochester to "TEST" the idea because of an apparent lack of competition.

      • LOL.

        If they do cap bandwidth in the manner they are suggesting some other company will offer a better price, and people will dump their data service from TW.

        Also, I and many other TW users have been waiting for an excuse to dump them COMPLETELY. Their HD delivery is fraught w/micro blocking, their HDR service is kludgy and buggy, and their customer service is merely adequate (it used to suck, I will grant it has improved).

        Throw in a new idiotically low bandwidth cap, and people like me will jump ship faster than the rate of rise in the national debt.

        If they collude on price with other data providers (let's face it, video is data), I'll cut the cable COMPLETELY and go with the cheapest possible Internet connection, and get my video via digital broadcast and DVD's through Netflix (or go with Satellite.

        It should be obvious to even the dimmest Dilbert clone that raising prices and/or cutting service in the middle of a huge economic downturn is the dumbest possible move.

        Squeeze the turnip too hard and it'll squirt right out of your hand.

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