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  • makesumgravy makesumgravy Nov 28, 2009 10:05 AM Flag

    Customer Complaints

    TWC is infamous when it comes to their billing practices. Cable bills expontentionally go up without notice,and for no apparent reason. They have a continual 7% annuall increase regardless of what the economy is or isn't doing. Even when there was benign inflation and no one, "no other retail businesses were price increasing TWC was. Cable rates increase when they add networks. Their claim is that they are giving their customers more, when in fact are getting higher rates with additional programming that no one wants, nor views. If in fact they were losing money on negotiated contracts it would make no sense to add them. What they are buying into is kinda like a lease, and many of them entail every 5 minutes commericials in between the programming, plus endless hours of infomercials, its a lucrative enterprise. But if they are questioned you might think they are losing money on these contracts, and have to pass the losses on to the customers. If its not this its their ever increase on taxing the cable cost in conjunction with the ever increase in cable rates. The decisions reached in doing this comes from franchises inner wigs.

    They gotta spread the wealth around ya know?, the upper echelon, like Glenn Britts staggering compensation package which is paid for by stockholders.

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    • I don't know what these morons are thinking. Technology is getting cheaper and these idiots are raising prices. For 6-7 years they were improving the speed of Road Runner while keeping the cost the same. For the last couple of years they have been increasing the cost on the same service.

      I guess they figure their competition needs more customers.

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