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  • stuartfilm stuartfilm Feb 19, 2010 4:30 PM Flag

    Terrible company and customer service

    I'm a TWC subscriber in NYC. Until recently I was an investor as well. That changed today. After a year of service interruptions that include:

    - Inability to watch movies on demand (movies are pixelated or show the "unavailable at this time screen"
    - Inability watch HD channels (content is often pixelated or unavailable)
    - Periodic interruptions of standard def channels
    - Statements by customer service ersonnel that HD and on demand material are "free" and not part of the actual service I am paying for

    I decided to sell my stock. The company has the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

    For the past year - yes a solid year - I have been trying to get TWC to help me solve these problems. For the first several months I couldn't get them to believe I was having trouble with the service. I would call in and they would tell me everything looked fine on their end. Finally they agreed to send out a technician to my place. That was April of 2009.

    Since then I have been stuck in a never-ending, rotating loop of reporting service interruptions, calling TWC customer service, them sending out technicians who acknowledge a problem exists outside my apartment and building, waiting for follow calls that never come, calling in to customer service only to have them tell me the problem should have been fixed and if it's not all they can do is send out yet another technician.

    In the past year I've been visited by 9 TWC technicians (two managers/foreman), on seven separate visits, endured endless phone conversations, promises of follow up by customer service that never happen, and no resolution. What's worse, is I am again being treated as if the service problems are all "in my mind."

    I need to have cable for my job or I would cancel it. If there were another option in cable TV I'd take it. At my location there isn't. I am not alone in getting this poor service in my building and area.

    Any company that shows such disregard for customer satisfaction, that makes us jump through the same hoops over and over, That is so inefficient in their ability to identify and handle issues, that has management either unaware or unconcerned with these scenarios cannot be headed in a good direction.

    Just one person's experience but wanted to share with other investors.

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    • I would look up the Tarriff for your state and see what it says about service.

    • you sound like a broken record... this is nothing new.. I have had several cable services and not one of them are equipted to handle large call volumes. Service is terrible with all cable companies and yet the FTC does nothing to improve service but allow these companies to maintain their franchises over an area. Satellite is competition but their customer service stinks also.

    • Cracks me up that their new tv ads are still shot in standard def. Even my daughter has a still camera that also shoots full 1080 HD video. Gives you a little insight into how this co thinks.

    • See my recent post. I totally agree - and I posted what I did before reading your post. TWC has terrible customer service and I refuse to reward lousy performance with my business.

      Now multiply people like us who wouldn't even bother to post messages or tell the company - just cancel the service or switch - and you can figure out the rest for TWC.

    • I'm a stock investor (in TWC) not a subscriber. And guess what? I'm as happy as a pig in shite.

    • cross posting this to the proper topic, this one. ditto on what you said- this is my experience.

      I got cable to watch the NCAA basketball finals mainly, and every broadcast has been screwed with pixelation without exception. Tonight half the channels are screwed and unwatchable. There is a 20 minute wait for customer service at least and their recording pretends only 2 channels are screwed.

      Earlier this week the phone and every other service with out at midnight with no warning and was down for who knows how long. Customer service had a recording saying there was "maintenance" going on. I am locked into a package deal I was lied to about on the phone, I wish it was not a choice of the lesser of two evils, TWC or Bellsouth - both lying arrogant scammers who have exclusive areas and coerce people to pay huge incompetent staffs of jerk assed employees has been the predominance of my experience.

    • I'm a TWC customer and a stock investor, I do not own any TWC. I was actually thinking of posting a similar type of letter on the Yahoo Messageboards to shareholders.

      I just moved to Austin, TX. You get your basic things you need with their cable service, okay. A few minor things that don't seem like a big deal but bother me...the cable box sucks, if you use the channel guide on it with a HDTV, it looks like CRAP, like a old dos VGA came.

      More importantly, they don't carry Fox Soccer Channel HD. Dish does, and the money I will pay over a year for Dish vs. Time Warner is cheaper, even considering that I would have unbundled internet service from Time Warner. So I'm demanding Time Warner give an answer on Fox Soccer Channel HD to it's customers.

      Now you might think who cares about soccer in America, but actually there are millions who do and love the sport, the U.S soccer team has a great team, and soccer is a growing trend in America. ONE THAT TIME WARNER IS NOT FOLLOWING. WHY DON'T THEY CARRY THIS CHANNEL?

      I can't see how this went from 41 to 46...maybe I'll buy some puts, or short this straight up.

      Joey!! Zazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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