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  • ppeabo ppeabo Nov 4, 2010 12:11 PM Flag

    how on earth do you talk about a buyback

    with a straight face when you are 20billion dollars in debt? i'm sorry, but did i miss something? with a forward pe of 15, is TWC really that cheap??? you've got to be kidding - RIMM has a for pe of 9, msft 10 and apple only 14.53 LESS THAN TWC!!

    of course a big buyback like that does provide insiders a very nice and soft cushion from which to sell their stock....

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    • buyback usually means they buy the stock and dole them out to managers for options

      so, its an added expense that temporarily pushes the price up

      paying off the debt is a very good idea and will be a great idea once interest rates go up; it will take them time to pay down the debt, so they should start now and not do a buyback

      bad management move

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      • "buyback usually means they buy the stock and dole them out to managers for options"

        Huh? Really? That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard. Just another example of why not everybody should be allowed to comment on a message board. There should be some type of intelligence test.

        Put down your keyboard and go read investing for dummies again. You have no clue about stock plan administration. Ever read a 10-k? I don't want to give you all the secrets but companies don't grant equity to their employees from shares on the secondary market.

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