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  • dehnad17 dehnad17 Dec 15, 2010 11:18 PM Flag

    TWC NYC experience, Short TWC

    TWC NYC used to have a near monopoly on the cable TV and Internet service because when you move into an apartment you are at the mercy of the existing providers.

    However, recently Verizon Fios has been coming to town. I live in the Financial District in a complex of about 900 residents and I work in New York City as well (with my coworkers living in New York City). I will tell you I have NEVER heard of a satisfied customer and once Verizon or RCN starts coming into buildings almost everyone rushes to change.

    We recently had horrible experiences with Time Warner. Thank god they are facing competition because we didn't have to sign a contract. We're going to change to Verizon Fios this month and I can tell you more than half the residents of our apartment complex have rushed to make the change.

    I warn all the long shareholders that their NYC market share is going to be destroyed now that Verizon and RCN are making their way into the big apartment complexes.

    I don't own TWC, nor am I short TWC, but as an investor I am considering shorting TWC given this horrible service and now the opportunities to switch (and everyone doing so).

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    • Is FIOS cheaper than cable? Are the people who switched to FIOS still using it?

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      • Fios is $95.95. TWC used to be over $200, but they do this "all the best triple play (internet, phone, web)" for $99.95. They also don't make us sign any contracts, it's month-to-month. My coworkers have been to residences with both RCN and Verizon and they rave about how good they are and then get disappointed because their building is still TWC only.

        Our building got Verizon Fios only in July and we were hesitant to switch since we thought it'd be complex and time consuming. After having horrible experiences with tech support and customer service we had to switch and it couldn't be easier and less painless.

        TWC was more painful - they want us to pay for our cable TV service even though it doesn't work! They said we have to pay until THEY can send someone out (Dec. 27th earliest). It's like us paying for our electricity and the lights don't work.

        Everyone has been happy with Fios and no one has been coming back to TWC (as much as TWC likes to claim the otherwise).

        I guarantee in two years once Fios starts getting everywhere, TWC is going to be out of NYC. Their brand has been ruined and I will never go back to TWC, even if I move out of NYC>

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