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  • jack_pepenyock jack_pepenyock Aug 12, 2011 10:09 PM Flag

    TWC has the worst service in the world!!

    I have a business internet account that has been intermittently working for two weeks. I have called 15 times to try to get it fixed. A few days ago they sent a guy out that had the brains of a sack of hammers, it was working at that moment, he couldn't help. They were to come today between 8 and 5, didn't show up. I called 5 times today trying to get confirmation when this issue was to get resolved. Tech support is staffed with two faced liars. Not one thing that I was told came true.

    Time Warner Business Class Sucks big time!!
    Monday I'm calling Verizon.

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    • Yes they DO.
      Supposed to come today 11-2 and never did.

      I called about 1.15 nervous because time was awastin and I have NO TV and NO internet.
      (This after being UNABLE to get expedited appointment on Thursday - 4 days ago.
      Called again at 2.05 "Yes you're scheduled from 11-2, we'll check dispatch.

      Someone in the field calls me at 2.10 and puts me on immediate hold and drops the call.
      He calls back at 2.20 and tells me the guys was in the building and couldn't get in because he has an expired TW ID. In fact he tellls me- he's still in my apt bldg.
      I say "hold on I'll check and get him in"
      Security tells NO ONE is in or Was in or came from TWC.

      so he's either Lying (most likely), or was in the wrong bldg (nearly impossible because other bldgs would have sent him here), or Both.

      The cell number he called me on is Not accepting calls.
      A No-no for a field guy.
      Strike 3!

      Now they can't come back and scheduled me for tomorrow. LOFL.

      I'm going after this MFers job.
      I swear.

      NO TV or internet, No olympics, no News no Notghing.

      PS I have no interest either way in this POS, but they obviously have a virtual monopoly.
      I would have Faster FIOS if it was available in Manhattan.

      posting remote

    • You sound like a
      SHORTIE to me .

    • Still waiting for TWC repair service. What a joke, there can't be very many "Business Class" customers waiting for service on a Saturday.

      I'm going to make a mission to cost that chicken Shi-t operation as many customers as possible.

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