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  • agirl_1 agirl_1 Jan 29, 2013 7:14 AM Flag

    time warner business class VS residential bulk service conflict

    Hard to take someone seriously when their letter has so many errors.

    You got off to a blazing start: I own a beachfront penthouse condo "at the in" North Myrtle Beach.

    The problem starts with "loosing" 10%....yeah loosing is a problem. You #$%$ the potential loss per month at $38,000, or $380,000 per year (FYI there are 12 months in a year, not 10). Regardless your figures assume that 380 of the 387 tenants would be willing to pay $100 extra per month. In addition, you assume that many of the condo resorts on the grand strand have the same issue as you. Both are highly unlikely.

    Finally, I'm sure TWC is concerned that "I do now [sic] wish to persue [sic] other avenues..."

    These are just a few of the comedy of errors in this letter. Good luck making waves and being taken seriously. You should send your letter to the Attorney General. I'm sure they need a good laugh too. Look forward to more of your posts, please keep them coming.

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    • So glad you got a good laugh... Im a disabled veteran and do struggle with my spelling, typing and such. Im scheduled for an amputation next month and my pain meds don't help the communications skills. Either way i did receive a quick response from TWC executive response team. I guess someone took notice. Its nice to have a company as large as TWC hear my voice and take my legitimate issues to heart both as a customer and shareholder.
      Big thanks to TWC for stepping up. Also again im glad you had a good laugh at someone elses expence.

      God bless

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