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  • xushcim xushcim Jan 9, 2009 8:56 AM Flag

    $485k White House China, $235k for a private bathroom

    Agree that it is ridiculous. But what about the millions that were fleeced out of Fannie by Raines and Johnson? They are at the root of the financial crisis and committed fraud and served no time in jail. In fact, they acted as Obama's advisors in his campaign. And Obama took more money from Fannie than anyone except for Chris Dodd, who is a crook as well. And Barny Frank (whose gay lover worked for Fannie) took money and ignore the gov't auditors that Fannie was in trouble.

    A VAST majority of Americans have no clue that the White House and Congress are full of crooks who say and do anythig to protect and expand their power at the EXTREME expense of taxpayers.

    American is about to implode if we do not stop Obama and his mission to make America a socialistic society.

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    • earth to Xuscim:

      President Bush has already sold us down the river to socialism by authorizing the bailout of major corporations. So now the system is set up with private profits with socialized losses.

      No corporation should be allowed to be "too big to fail" and if they are, that should be a huge red flag to DC to force the company to break up into smaller entities, especially if they want taxpayer money for a bailout.

      Now, I won't deny that Fannie and Freddie (along with Raines and Johnson) aided the the financial crisis, but NOBODY from the Federal Govt. put a gun to the head of private lenders and made them give mortgages to people who couldn't afford pay them back. These lenders were greedy and saw an awesome profit making scheme and followed it to a "T".

      It is impossible to lay the blame of this all on Barney Frank because he didn't become head of that committee until 2006. For the 12 years prior (1994-2006), it was overseen by a Republican who did a great job of looking the other way, even when things were falling apart.

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