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  • riskiebusiness riskiebusiness Aug 26, 2009 5:38 PM Flag

    The Kindness of Ted Kennedy

    A little anecdote about the man Ted daughter's friend in Girl Scouts, who is 17, was having pains in her back for about a year until she got a proper diagnosis this June '09. It was discovered she has osteocarcinoma, a form of bone cancer that can be fatal if not caught was not caught early.

    Somehow, Ted Kennedy found out about this young girl and wrote her a personal letter this August 2009 telling her to be strong, wishing her well and letting her know that his own son, Edward Jr., is a bone cancer survivor since he was 12 yrs old in 1973.

    This girl has quite a tough fight ahead of can ask if the insurance carriers decisions to manage cost and not properly diagnose this girl decreased her chances for survival....I really don't know. I do know that Kennedy's letter was an incredible incentive for this girl to fight the brave fight.

    Bravo Ted...Bravo! R.I.P.

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    • This is not the solution. This will raise medical and health costs above anybodies affordability.

      Get rid of those politicians that are receiving kickbacks and donations from the developers to influence bad decisions.

      This passage is unbelievable.
      Kiss your insurance good-bye, hello socialized medicine.

    • BTW: Glad to hear that the young lady is recovering well.

    • Google: Operation Rezone

      To see how the land development business was (is still) conducted in my city.

    • I think we all agree for once...influence peddling when political donations are involved is a disease that should be fought just like cancer.

      I don't have a problem when people lobby for a cause...however, when contract awards are tied into donations, the scum of the earth are awaken and values go down the shitter.

      When I lived in Hawaii and worked in the land developnment consulting business, it went unsaid but was well known that if you wanted State of Hawaii or City of Honolulu government contacts, you had to make significant poltical donations either in the form of buyng campaign dinner tickets or through direct party contributions....probably not too different in other major US cities.

      BTW, if you interested, the young girl with cancer is recovering well from her leg and partial hip removal surgery. She just had some surgery to rebuild her spine yesterday and it went well. She will now go through pgyical therapy ASAP to be followed by another course of chemotherapy....her Dad works for the LAPD and thankfully, they have good health benefits.

      Go Dodgers!

    • You said that very well. I do agree.

    • The only real solution to change the way business is conducted in DC is to outlaw lobbying and lobbyists, regardless of which industries or unions they represent.

      Since congress is the only legislative body that can do so and will never do it because of the kickbacks they receive, we're f-cked.

    • You want a solution for the public's problem (health or otherwise), create a public forum that would solve the problem. Congress was supposed to be that but they are in somepne else's special interest.

      Get rid of them. Vote them all out and change the system so that it is truly a Demcratic Republic, of the people, by the people and for the people.

    • Fred,

      I appreciate the time you took to provide the detailed response...let me digest your points and I will try to respond later this week. Busy with work and trying to generate more tax money for Arnold to waste on peripheral initiatives!

      I will tell you that the State of CA is hurting and so are many businesses....the damage to the commercial market is still evolving and will hopefully turnaround in mid-2010..., if then.

    • BSC and LEH collapsed because they got involved on the greedy side of the equation for investing in developements that were extremely risky, leveraged and hedged up the ying, yang. They will involved in a one sided equation. Thinking real estate would keep going up forever. You're trying to mix apples and oranges. Neither of their problems has anything to do with the other, except for the greed factor.

      your wrote:<Hell, Richard Fuld walked away with $60,000,000 for bankrupting Lehman Brothers> And why was that allowed to happen. The courts could duke it out, but that requires shareholder involvment. So, then the govn't should be taking action against them for shareholders to get their money back? That would be one way. To shareholders, I would say. Go after it.

      Wall street still has continuing problems, but you may not see the result of that for awhile yet.

    • <Unions caused GM, LTV and other steel mills to collapse.>

      Yet, they didn't cause Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers to collapse.

      Hell, Richard Fuld walked away with $60,000,000 for bankrupting Lehman Brothers.

      I wonder how many GM production line employee jobs that would cover (including benefits)?

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