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  • McMEM McMEM Oct 14, 1999 9:09 PM Flag

    EXTR is cheap at 45 times revenues

    That is another fact that few shorts like to
    admit. I learned not to short high tech stocks as they
    zoomed up so quickly that I could not recover fast

    It is extremely difficulty to judge the value of
    EXTR as its growth is fast. Its trend is similar to
    CSCO at early age, which needless to say, was
    expensive for the past 10 years.

    I do not argue that
    EXTR is expensive, but it already reports profit which
    is rare for a recent IPO. According to my prediction
    (see my previous post), it may hit $110. Therefore I
    decided to leave when it break the century mark. My new
    prediction is it will sink to $70 in the near future, and I
    shall re-enter at that price.

    EXTR is still a
    good stock to hold onto as it has excellent product. I
    do not worry about the "millions shares of stock" to
    be released as the insiders will always look after
    the #1 first.

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