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  • h_luther h_luther Jul 21, 2000 12:19 AM Flag

    overvalued my

    i am tired of hearing all this bs
    over valued
    my ass
    going down tomorrow your ass
    who are
    these people
    they make me sick
    two bit sharks who
    want to try and scare others out of stock because they
    exteme is a solid undervalued company
    in a tech area
    that has been overlooked and
    gigabit ethernet
    because the flash bulbs sought out
    more glamerous hype
    meanwhile extr hunkered down
    and delivered the goods
    and the next few quarters
    are going to be even bigger
    and if your read
    broadcoms or ciscos or any of the other big players reports
    it is clear
    crystal clear
    that extreme is in
    the eye of the growth hurricane
    it is a good solid

    that is about to get a lot more

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    • If everyone is optimistic and shows no fear at
      all, we are close to the top. Don't you agree? New
      highs scare people. How many people were scared out of
      cisco, microsoft, etc. years ago? Paradox of the stock
      market: do you buy strong new high (overvalued?) stocks
      coming out of sound bases or are you willing to put your
      money on cheap (undervalued?), laggard stocks? I am
      surprised to see that still more people are more willing to
      buy stocks at so-called bargain prices, because this
      will let them feel safe. They'll say to themselves
      this stock is so cheap and undervalued , so how low
      can it go? This idea is dead wrong.

      The value
      of a stock is determined by collective wisdom of
      millions of investors acting in their own best interests.
      If a stock is cheap, it is cheap for a reason.
      Similarly, if a stock looks expensive, it is expensive for a
      good reason. So why not share the wisdom of millions
      of traders who determine the stock price everyday?

      Let your profit run until you see over-optimism. EXTR
      will not top if there is so much fear.

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