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  • susankoffler susankoffler Dec 13, 2006 8:22 PM Flag

    due diligence

    I didn't have to read too many previous topics to gauge the knowledge on this message board, but let me try to help some of you out.

    If you regularly read the Anchorage Daily News or the Fairbanks News-Miner, you'll understand the proposed Pebble mine is a big issue. Probably the biggest issue (at least most talked about) facing the state for 2007. If you subscribe to the print edition, you'll see large full-page ads from both side of the fence. If you read the letters to editor, you get a real feeling about what people REALLY think.

    You have the environmentalists, sportsmen, and the seafood industry actively campaigning against it. And you also have the rest of Alaska (besides the 1000+ people who directly benefit) ask why would we even consider risking the salmon harvest when we stand to gain nothing? Mining is not taxed like oil.

    Did you know newly elected Governor Palin commercially fishes in the Bristol Bay region? That might be important here, do a yahoo search on Palin and Pebble mine. She's stated repeatedly that they should be allowed to go through the permitting process before the state passes judgment, which any pro-development governor should do. But having lived and worked in Bristol-Bay before, it's incredibly tight-knit. I think one thing could be certain, she won't be doing any favors for the Pebble project despite what she has to say publicly (IMO). Search yahoo to see what past governors have said.

    Did you know that the FBI handed out indictments to members of the Alaska Legislature last week (with more to come)? This might harm the lobbying environment in Juneau, don't you think?

    If someone is going to buyout Northern Dynasty, they will do their due diligence and find out much more than I detailed above.

    Keep waiting for that buyout. Lots of luck.

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    • The PR war is in it's infancy, wait until the Major that takes over NAK gets into the game. Of course there are enviromental concerns but once the majority of Alaskans are shown that Pebble can be mined safely they will support the mining of this almost unbelievable bonanza.

    • Excellent post. Thank you. I think you might have something there about the lobbyists. "Lobbyist" seems to be a dirty word and having a "lobbyist" might harm Northern Dynasty's prospects in the minds of some people. But how can you blame the Company? There is a well-financed opposition trying to claim the high ground long before the State ever receives the permit application, essentially forcing Northern Dynasty to play against a stacked deck. You see all these legal maneuvres the opponents keep throwing at the Company, forcing it to hire a voice in Juneau long before the it should be having its feet held to the fire.

    • if we wanted your opinion we would havde sked for it. BTW, we have a buyout coming, you oughta buy a few shares.

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