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  • susankoffler susankoffler Feb 9, 2007 12:10 PM Flag

    short opportunity approaching

    I've been keeping a close eye on this one and I think a shorting opportunity is near. There's a strong chance the Wildlife Refuge act passes, but that doesn't necessarily mean the project is dead. The debate is starting:

    There's an even better article in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner about the long-term impact:

    Jay Hammond was probably Alaska's most popular governor and attaching his name to the refuge is smart (by the opposition).

    I'm not short yet, next week could be the play. There's potential for a very quick payday here.

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    • The "real" facts? The real facts are that more and more people want this mine and your scare tactics are failing. People know this and the price of the stock continues to rise. The very fact that you hang around tells me we're going much higher. Thanks for the tip.

    • Desperate???????? Do you mean desperate in making up new ID's yesterday? Do you mean desperate by floating t/o rumors? Do you mean desperate like galahad having a firesale on their crown jewel?

      Thanks for the mid afternoon laughs

      Keep throwing out those outrageous statements tex but don't forget when asked for proof backpeddle like a bruce jenkens.

      The real facts are over 70% of Bristol Bay residents have said no to this abomination and the fight is just beginning.

    • The twisting continues. Chubby Checker would be proud of you. I guess you don't want to talk about your studies supporting responsible mining and I know you don't want to talk about the growing number of people supporting this project. You can only misinterpret my analogy. Twist and shout all you want, but a growing number of people are supporting this project and your tactics are becoming more desperate.

    • My my, tex. Name calling? Shame on you.

      I read the report and never found a reference to skylab.

      Back up your statement.

    • I use the studies you cite to back up what I say. Why don't you discredit the studies? Why don't you deny that 78% of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation voters voted for responsible mining? The people are speaking, Fres, and you're losing your game, because you've assumed they're all dolts.

    • I guess that means you can't back it up.

      Nothing new.

    • Did you check the "studies" you want us to know about? You know they say mining can be accomplished without polluting, but this will happen only if you have the safeguards and monitoring in place. Why didn't you tell us about these parts of the studies? You're interested only in the facts, right? I guess if I made the "Skylab" analogy more accurate, there's a greater chance of Skylab falling on your head than a properly regulated and monitored mine polluting the environment. People are beginning to realize this and their support for the mine is growing. They are beginning to swee through your tactics. You opponents are left only with the namecalling and the distortions.

    • How about answering my question.

      You said the chance of NAK polluting was the same as getting hit by skylab.

      Back it up.

    • Check the "studies" you sight. They also mention that the pollutions could have been avoided by implementing certain safeguards. Since these "respected experts" say these things, how can you continue to use these studies as evidence against Pebble? In fact, these studies support Pebble by pointing out the deficiencies in previous mining plans. The studies only highlight what must be done to avoid the pollution. I hope you will continue to call these experts "respected." And they're not even from the Pump Palace.

    • I don't think I would sell short an asset large enough to wipe out this year's entire national deficit. Maybe two years, accounting for inferred expansions. Plus maybe 50 years appreciation during extraction. At +6%/year and mining in linear fashion, it winds up worth about half of the current national debt.

      Or, to measure it another way, the gold alone (ignoring, for the moment, 50 to 100 billion pounds of copper) is about 50% the size of United States' entire gold reserve.

      The US dollar is in serious trouble at the moment. This asset substantially underpins it in two ways. One, by increasing a dwindling gold supply, an important goal of our own Fed and all the world's CBs, since it up-values paper. And two, by attracting wads of foreign currency into the USA.

      The recent Yahoo Finance article is correct, "The copper, gold and molybdenum resources of the Pebble West and Pebble East deposits rank with the most important metal accumulations in the world and are of strategic importance to the United States of America."

      It might sound insensitive, but this asset is a lot bigger than AK's 670K residents.

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