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  • kevinllieno kevinllieno Sep 24, 2007 10:32 AM Flag

    BHP hilton story provides Nak perspective

    .....there is a rumor that BHP will simply announce an increase in gold resources/reserves at one of their properties, to make it reportedly "the now currently, largest gold deposit in the world...." blah blah...but the stock has increased its market cap today by over a billion dollars, which provides perspective on NAK Pebble properties.....First, on merely the rumor in an increase in its gold in the ground, BPH has increased its market cap more than the entire existing market cap of NAK. Second, before Aril 2007, Nak had 4 drills turning at Pebble, and in April, they double the amount to 8 drills......all of which, presumably have been busy as bees, enlarging Pebble at a terrific rate. I say this because much of the richest drill samples to date have been the most recent onces at Pebble East, and better yet, on the outskirts of this newly discovered MEGA ORE BODY. I cannot image what these 8 drills have thus far uncovered in the 100% enlarged 2007 drill campaign, but it should be when they are announced, Pebble should blow the BPH Olympic dam results away, and claim the world's number one gold and copper property.......and if NAK's stock price and market cap double in a day or two, hey, you won't hear any complaints from me! The market has begun to reprice NAK based on the BPH news....among other things...

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    • As the Olympic Dam seeks status of the largest gold mine in the world, this title will be short lived. Based upon the 2006 drilling campaign alone, the Pebble resource expanded by 90% with deep drilling of the East deposit. Ironically, the drilling rigs that greatly expanded the resource also severely limited it as well. Sean Magee's bitter sweet quote sums it up: �We didn�t accomplish as much drilling as we wanted to in 2006 due to the challenges of deep drilling�. Two main conclusions came out of the 2006 dilling: Pebble East deposit is open to expansion in all lateral directions and to depth.

    • Hi Kevin! Your math is wrong! As I type this BHP is up $4.77 a share and with 2.88 billion shares outstanding the market cap has increased by 13.7 billion dollars today on nothing more than a street rumor! I am really pissed off about this story today! Like you said we already almost have the largest copper/gold/moly deposit in the world and are more than likely about to become the largest any minute now and all we can get from that statistic is a one billion dollar market cap! That is so pathetic it is not even funny! We are such an undiscovered company it is sad! Management needs to get these new drill results out and go out to every broker in the world and get the darn news out there! The frickin bashers think HD pumps this company but NOTHING could be further from the truth! Raymond James, RIO, and Anglo American know what this company is really worth but somebody forgot to tell the rest of the world!


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      • Tom, thanks for your correction and sorry about my math; I had the increase at over a billion, you are correct at over 13 billion dollar increase. It is absurd that this stock is not around 100 bucks a share.......patience is requied as good things come to those who wait, but man it is frustrating.....I did call NAK IR last week and was told they have a lot scheduled on a lot of fronts, including getting the story out.......I expect a pretty steady but strong increase in the share price for the rest of the year....I feel like turning off my computer and checking in on December 31st.......

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