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  • fresno_kid03 fresno_kid03 Aug 30, 2011 6:17 PM Flag

    For Sale:Half of an environmental catastrophe

    You gotta love this statement:

    “Northern Dynasty circulated the information in February and March that it was interested in a buy for Pebble. So far, it has received no offers”.

    No offers for the greatest thing since sliced bread?

    Or maybe the world knows that there is no future for this environmental catastrophe?

    And don’t forget:

    There will NEVER be a mine at pebble.

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    • The same liberals that are eating Filet mignon and Salmon Sashimi are worried about the Fish!

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      • You could add that the same liberals who say they are concerned about Global Warming will fly half way around the World to go to conferences….to discuss global warming and ones they arrive, hire all the limos to get to the hotel and events.

        Live in outrageously large homes and have at least one or two others in other countries that they fly back and forth too visit….preferably in their own jets

    • You sound like a liberal. As Reagan once said "its not they are ignorant - they just know so much which isn't so!"

      Anglo's $1.5 bill on their own due diligence I will assume is better than yours?

      Loading up on NAK
      Target 18

    • You could be right or you could be wrong. The Pebble site is the largest undeveloped copper and gold site in North America. It is situated in an area that is in the drainage area for salmon. I think that it is inevitable that it will be developed because there will be fewer and fewer undeveloped copper resources. The question is when? This is a very speculative play and from an investment standpoint should only be a small part of your portfolio if at all. I personally think that the enormous upside potential is worth the risk.

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      • There will never be a productive mine in that part of Alaska….just too many powerful organizations are fighting against it.
        Even a large mining company will think twice or more before even considering investing a dime. Even though Rio Tinto has a 19% stake in the venture I doubt that they would invest anymore money at this point.

        Some months ago I posted that National Geographic had a huge spread on this development and they where crucifying it. With this liberal administration there is no way this mine will get permitted….the greens and other environmentalist organizations are just too embedded with Washington DC

        Personally I would think that with all the new technology in mining, the so called destruction of the environment could be small, but the environmental groups don’t really care, regardless of how many jobs the mine would provide and how much additional tax dollars it would bring.
        I wish you all good luck

    • For Sale ??? They own Mineral RIGHTS not the minerals. Nobody is going to 'buy' this. If interested they will just wait for the rights to expire and lease themselves.

      Athough the environmental/permit aspect didn't help this impossible venture it was the biz model that killed this. The only place worse on the planet to run a mine would be Antarctica. The 88 mile underwater power cable, the 180 mile permafrost crossing road, etc... that put an end to it.

      All of the work that NDM did on the site was via helicopter. Helicopter transport was the single largest expenditure in this fiasco. It will take a whole lot more global warming before anyone can make this mine close to profitable.

    • It ceretainly does prove, that 'There Will NEVER Be a Mine At Pebble', doesn't it?

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      • talking to yourself again boooobie. You and fresno, one side of the same coin. Neither one of yourselves has a clue demonstrated by the word 'never' repeated time and time again. You do realize that you will 'never' make money in the markets with a failed belief system. Of course, that's why you bash, because you can't make any money honestly.

        It doesn't matter what NAK does, you are a failure, mentally morally and spirtually.

        Have a good day bob

      • Naw! What it proves is that the big guys will wait until the vote in october. If Alaskans are stupid enough to blindly vote for the salmon industry then NAK will be cut down by 70% overnight and the big guys can swoop in and for a song buy this thing and then buy off the authorities. May delay things another year but there are too many jobs at stake for Alaskans where as 75% of those fishing for salmon are from out of state. There must be a mine here. Too much money involved and politicians love money!

        I should mention that I did sell my few shares as the risk is just too much for a brain dead vote in October.

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