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  • ultraific2 ultraific2 May 23, 2012 12:36 AM Flag

    Enviromentalist are socialists at heart.

    Socialism destroys wealth, example no. #14,991.

    Unfortunately, there is little hope for Pebble until the libcommies in the federal gov't are swept away.

    Or when Obama gives Alaska to China, in exchange for the cancelling of the Treasury debt they own......

    That's when you buy this one, unfortunately.

    Soon, we'll need monthly permits to mow our lawns....

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    • I agree in your remarks about environmentalists being so socialists at heart. We have a crisis of economic ignorance in this country, and apparently have millions of people who do not realize that there is no substitute for individual freedom to work and produce as the individual sees fit, when it comes to providing prosperity for as many as possible. But I do believe that even those who do not understand that you get the behavior that you incentivize, are begining to realize that our socialist President and his gang are bringing them a life of poverty and subjugation by government. Hopefully he and his henchmen will be voted out in November, and the incredibly self centered enviounmenal wackos will be curbed in their efforts,which despite their announced good intentions,serve only to hinder their fellows from establishing a decent life for themselves and their families.Look at the jobs this gang has killed by its stupid policy of impeding and preventing leases and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and by its prevention of the Keystone pipeline. If this gang ever passes legislation to control its fraudulently claimed global warming, heaven help us and the poor people struggling to survive in undeveloped countries.

    • Are you drunk?

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