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  • susankoffler susankoffler Aug 13, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    We need a little "pump" here...

    Unfortunately for you and your portfolio balance, the opinion of a foreign mining company doesn't trump the federal government. The fact that the EPA is taking unprecedented steps (not my words, NAK management's) against this prospect should give you pause.

    Of course, it doesn't give you pause. You're paralyzed by your losses. I'm the only truth-teller around here.

    Plus, when you say, "appease the locals", I thought the immediate locals wanted the mine for the new jobs? You're not sticking to the company script.

    NAK could be under $2.00 by September, $0.40 by year-end if Anglo walks away or the EPA takes more unprecedented action.

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    • Susan, you know nothing about my portfolio and to presume otherwise makes you foolish. You are so wrong and nieve w/r/t to the federal government and the political games it plays with the general public.

      You seem to have difficulty in reading between the lines. You also keep misinterpreting NAK's meaning describing the EPA's actions as being "unprecedented". It's unprecendented because the EPA is not following appropriate regulatory process according to the Clean Water Act ... which is so typical of the Obama "machine politics, thug" way of doing business.

      In the end, current EPA officials will fall on their own swords, and ethical business practices will surely be restored following the election. Until then, the EPA will continue to play games ... the Watershed Assessment and Peer Review Panel is purely a political ploy to buy time and keep events (and emotions) from unraveling prior to an election. Like I've said earlier, EPA has enough egg on their faces with the Keystone Pipeline FUBAR.

      Pebble needs only to wait it out. And, the best thing locals could do for themselves is to hire a Tailings Management Consultant to serve as their "big gun" representative during mining development plan negotiations.

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      • Unprecedented!

        I know enough about your portfolio to determine that you probably don't have the discipline to set a stop-loss order. In terms of the EPA "playing games", this isn't usually something they do. I know it's probably comforting to think this is some sort of government conspiracy, but serious people with serious money don't think in those terms. Only newsletter writers.

        NAK is still crashing. Pending news?

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