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  • susankoffler susankoffler Aug 22, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    Why was NAK valued at $22 in February 2011

    Was that your entry point?

    If you don't understand the reasons behind NAK's valuation today, you deserve to lose all of your money.

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    • Seems like you are dodging the question, Susan.

      Why was the market valuing NAK at $22 in February?

      You are a big believer in the efficient market theory. If this is such a lousy mine, why would it have traded at such elevated valuations.....

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      • Clearly, intrinsic value supports $22 plus. We all know that the deflated share price is a result of the "unconventional", botched EPA Watershed Assessment and the fear of a pre-emptive veto (illegal) before permit submission ... which would ultimately be overturned in Court. Nothing new.

        The real question an investor should ask is whether our future political and economic outlook favors NAK development ... such as the election, rising unemployment, economic instability, Middle East turmoil, growing Chinese control over world resources, yada, yada, yada....). For me, I believe it does. Romney will be elected in Nov, US capital investment will finally take priority, and there will be a push to develop US natural resources to keep the Chinese in check, especially if "the Donald" gets selected as Secretary of Commerce. These drivers, combined with NAK having the law on their side, will pave the way for Pebble development.

        At these share price levels, the investment potential outweighs the investment risk.

      • Calm down.

        You may have forgotten, but there's unprecedented EPA scrutiny on Pebble right now, that's why the stock crashed after NAK's public relations statement in response to the assessment. Other reasons include unprecedented opposition from Alaska residents, native corporations, commercial fishing industry, environmental organizations, etc., many of which are well-funded to fight back with litigation.

        Facts change, the share price reflects the new set of facts. The share price is always correct.

    • fpetronski1119 Aug 22, 2012 1:45 PM Flag

      SUZY Q-Get educated and learn from BUYLOWSELLHIGH how to invest in stocks properly.You are making a fool of yourself.Anyways off the board for you and your crap.

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