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  • ows_1 ows_1 Apr 26, 2014 11:18 PM Flag

    To all future NAK millionaires

    You may have to wait for a Replublican president and a new EPA appointment.
    This tiny company NAK right now is trading for under $100 million.

    Once NAK eventually is able to mine pebble the new worth will be in the hundreds of billions.
    It is just a matter of time.

    Like all of life there are no guarantees but the upside is huge.
    Those that stay on the sidelines, well at least your money will be safe.

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    • me too, a big juicy one

    • long term hope

    • this is just one of those stocks where you have to have an extremely long term view and optimistic view of gold and resources. Chinese know that whoever has the gold is the powerful one. When USA sees they are losing out this mine will have to open eventually

    • mrmuckle: You are right about the way Obama's gang of socialists/communists have messed up the country. They have destroyed jobs and opportunity right and left, and unfortunately, much of this is, I believe, not just from their economic ignorance but for an active dislike that some of them have for American prosperity. Obama actually believes that much of the rest of the world is poor because we are wealthy, instead of recognizing the fact that many millions of people alive today would not be if it were not for the tremendous productivity that free market capitalism has brought to the world. Command -control economies that socialism brings reduce prosperity wherever they are implemented and the vastly increased governmental powers necessary to impose them on a country tend to destroy many personal freedoms as well.

      • 1 Reply to rdotn38
      • You can use a thesaurus all you want but this pile of tripe shows ignorance of the basic tenets of socialism and our country in general. A general lack of education of the typical republican voter- ie: poor Southern unemployed pickup truck white trash - and the ease of propaganda based fascist news ie: FOX, leads to people actually believing that they understand economics and capitalism in general. Our personal freedoms are attacked by both sides of the aisle as shown by the NSA program implemented by the Gulag of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in the name of "security". The current administration continues their practice. They lead the masses of hillbillies to submit crazy conspiracy theories and actually believe them, as if these poor confederate whites were puppets on a string.

    • Republican President is what U.S. needs after the Demoncrats have totally phucked the country up with

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