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  • bertram_melgatroid bertram_melgatroid Feb 9, 2006 11:27 AM Flag

    Citigroup dumber than Britney!


    See this link

    On 1-Nov-05 they say SELL. IKAN share price then: $15.76

    On 9-Feb-06 they upgrade to HOLD (although how many do you have to HOLD if you followed their SELL rec?!!) IKAN share price: $21.40

    Wow, what BRILLIANT MINDS !

    Can't wait for their outright BUY rec next quarter at $27...

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    • If you want another example of how off base citi/smithbarney is in the analyst department just check out TPX.

    • You're not being fair to Britney...she's made a PILE. Pretty smart.

      The Citidolt analyst is still probably working on his BA from CUNY and has a negative net worth after factoring in his student loan. ;-)

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      • I have to weigh in here -- I can't tell you exactly why (hint: it's got nothing to do with Britney, for whom my contempt knows no limits.)

        There ARE some really first class minds (and honest people, too, sometimes one and the same) working on "Wall St." If IKAN had crashed and burned after having gone public -- NOTE: You can't dismiss it as a possibility even now -- one would have to sing the praises of any analyst who didn't jump on the bandwagon.

        I do NOT know the analyst in question, certainly not his or her thinking then or now, but please (try to) content yourself with the changed designation to "neutral" from something much more negative than that.

        It may have had something to do with the stock being up 5% or more 'til late in the day. Citi (which really means Smith Barney in this connection) may actually have convinced some people to go (stay) short until today. Obviously, they only "advise," but figure that some people follow the advice they're given, even if (as you say) that advice is both suspect (in terms of potential conflicts of interest) and -- in this case -- seemingly inept.

        Remember, B&G (me, included), this is a thin stock that could easily be "ahead of itself" for the moment.

    • I wonder if this is the usual case with analysts where you should "do as they do" instead of "do what they say". I bet Citigroup bought a bunch of stock when the price dipped right after the "sell" came out, and now they are sitting pretty on a ~50% gain and want to take a little profit.

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      • 'This is the usual case with analysts'

        You answered your own question. When did you pay Citgroup a commission? Brokers all work on Commision for somebody. You have sell side analysts and Buy Side Analysts.

        They all get paid in the end. Hope youare not relying on them for 'investment advice' unless you paid them.

        The buying public really doesn't know the game as well as seasoned investors. Its a shame the SEC lets these practices go on.

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