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  • baoinvestor baoinvestor Mar 17, 2010 3:09 PM Flag

    is this stock ever going to do anything?!?

    back down to the .10 level. Nice graphics on the website but no news, no updates or meaningful milestones. WTF?!?

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    • Nice. Thanks for the clarification. After I wrote my comment I put 2 and 2 together. But thanks.


      Unless I misunderstood him. Start at the 6 minute mark and listen. Feedback welcomed.

    • So basically, having just watched The Street video, this is going to 'happen' in about 3 years.... oh boy.... what I don't understand, is that from their filings recently, their R&D expenses are tiny, their salaries have really risen and that's about it... not very happy to be honest.

    • I think people are in a wait mode right now. They want to see what can get done with the prototype before investing any more dollars into this company. Some investors are also speculative to the cash position of the company and the possible dilution that they must do to raise cash in order to pay the bills, etc...
      The volume has been so small the last few days, its kinda scary.

      Bottom line is I wouldn't expect anything out of this stock until they make a prototype. There was someone that posted before about a partner and a conversation with Byron--but that deadline long passed

      makes me think if anything "is" actually going on over there in CA.

      I have a feeling we'll be in single digits soon, just wait for someone to dump a few hundred thousand shares, or some kind of equity financing.

      good luck either way

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      • I was the one who had the conversation with Byron. The date he spoke of was not a date but a number of days, 90. This conversation was in January so March 31st through some time in April.

        Look at the current news and the news history. For almost two years there have been multiple posting per month. The news usually comes out within the first 10 days (but not always) and within the last 10 days of the end of the month (but not always) **** but always some news… every month.

        So what is happening that they aren’t posting any news? Are they in negotiations? Are they considering alternatives? Based on the conversation I had with Byron, it makes sense that there is no news… if they are in-fact in active negotiations.

        And maybe I’m just being hopeful.

        Also, my brother is a financial manager with a PhD. I asked him about CABN. He answered but due to SEC regs he had to add disclaimers and everything else. He is paranoid about insider trading especially when it comes to family. He says it's not worth losing everything. One thing he was able to say is there is a lot of interest to see if this company does pop. He implied that if it hits between 2 and 10 dollars (which is peanuts to large energy companies) there could be a bidding war. He also implied that this could take years.

        But it’s got to get to between 2 and 10 dollars first.

        Whoo-Hoo! Ride the rollercoaster or watch from the sidelines and try to get on when it gets fun. I’d rather get a good seat now as I believe in the technology. But that is just me.

      • forgot to mention, the prototype isn't probably going to be ready until late in the year, so what's the hurry to buy the stock now?
        which is why you're seeing no volume

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