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  • marketguru422 marketguru422 May 4, 2011 7:51 AM Flag

    40 to 1 reverse split

    where do I start?

    we were all lied to, this is such BS, forget about the exchange your stock is listed on, this is a slap in the face to all of us

    Byron was asked the question about reverse splits on the last 3 conference calls, ALL 3 TIMES HE SAID IT WAS NOT NEEDED!! Market cap supports us and blah blah blah! What a joke!! now he decides to do it? and also the e-mail not only talks about RS, but then mentions additional financing? Even if you do a 40 to 1 reverse split, you will still wind up at 6 cents if you dilute the crap out of your company. We will see if CS gets listed on the amex, how quickly it will get a delisting notice.

    stupid Byron, we were all mis-led on this one

    I am out of this one for good, congrats Byron, you just lost another shareholder at your expense

    scott any thoughts on this?

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    • I'm not Scott but I have listened to the conference calls as well and he did state no reverse stock split on the last one, however it was also stated that tens of millions of dollars will be needed to move forward. It may have been a legal requirement from a large investor waiting in the sidelines...Byron Elton has teamed up with an impressive list of people...remember Wang from Shell has signed up for the year and is very selective whom he choses to mentor (per Byron, he only consults with one other company)....this is not a chinese penny stock, the man is highly visable and and has an impressive track record...we do not have all the facts yet and it will not happen overnight anyway (few months are likely).It's also not likely he would incure all the added expense and exposure of moving to a major exchange with the intent of tanking the stock...Look at the credentials of the team you are investing in...FWIW

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      • I understand what you are saying about the team, but if you can't take the CEO's word for what it is, and he says one thing and does another
        what can you believe? i understand the consultants hired are best in class

        If an outside investor is waiting in the wings, i.e. more dilution, then what is to motivate investors now to buy the stock? might as well wait until after the split and more dilutions, most likely will be below a dollar before you know it

    • I can't help but think this is a bit overwrought.

      While I see the angst of the jump from .07 to $3 without any capital gains being upsetting, who was seriously holding this stock with an exit point of $3!?! It's about the valuation and regardless of the number of shares owned, if Byron attains the maximum valuation on the firm then we get paid the same whether it's 1,000 shares out of a pool of 200 million outstanding shares or 25 shares out of a pool of 5 million shares - if the company is worth $10bn then you still get the same pay day. If I'm wrong on this then please tell me because that's how I'm looking at this right now.

      This reverse split is not any manner of dilution as far as I can see and I don't think I've lost out anything. If this move helps the firm reach it's goals then I'm all for it.

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      • I'm a little late to the party on this one. But here's my take on the 1-40 RS.

        Since Sept 2006, CS issued 99.5Mil shares to the founders. Every few months, they issued several Mil additional shares. As of Mar2011, there is now 221Mil shares outstanding.

        I agree with baoinvestor that doing a reverse split doesn't reduce your position but when the company issues additional shares, it does and after doing the 1-40 split back to 5.5Mil outstanding shares you can almost be certain that additional shares will be issued at a later date.

        The other issue is that CS is in the development stage and has no income. Without any significant news or income, the stock price is going to be stagnant. I don't see why CS doesn't wait until they have significant news or progress before doing a RS. For example when EFT says the catalyst is viable commercially.

    • the only and hopefully I'm correct thing i can think of is that they are going to PR possative results and want to be listed on bigger board to bring in the big money boys.

      Otherwise there is no need to do a R/S. This would bring down shares from 220 million to 5.5 million.

      I hope I'm correct on this? Being listed on Nasdac could benefit us well if they report something substantial.Remember 35% of stock is owned by insiders and none of them have been selling.

      JMO. good luck to all

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