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  • News today on vaso inviting several Congress members with medical backgrounds to come to a demonstration on EECP in the
    Washington DC area. The focus will be cost savings to the medical system and eecp effectiveness as outlined in many peer reviewed journals. Its a more proactive approach and certainly more aggressive than vaso's normal mo. Time to go around the cardio community with direct political pressure.
    Next stop..............hire a real advertising executive to get the word out there directly to the public about eecp's health benefits. Big pharma does it all the time. After all, the huge indication of CHF is FDA approved and can be so stated in any, radio, social media...................lets get on DR OZ! That guy pumps any supplement with a single positive study that "improves" life's quality. Decades of waiting for the FDA, cardio community, and CMS to do the right thing is long enough.
    Spending money on buyback was step 1. Step 2, spend on aggressively getting the word out.
    And, over 100 employees.? We cant get any to step up and buy stock? Beecher? He has never bought a single share in the open market.

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    • Congress probably a waste of time, too many no sayers looking out in their interests, you know which ones I'm talking about. Dr. Oz though would work.

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    • norm11 Apr 16, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

      Funny you should mention Dr. Oz as I sent the PR person at Vaso that recommendation over a year ago. I also contacted the people that run the show. I think Dr. Braverman should contact them as well. I have also sent my Senator and Congress person the info at the same time.If we wait for the medical community to embrace this therapy at the current rate of reimbursement we will be long gone!!! IMHO

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